Rivage Dead Sea Facial Mud Pack Review


Rivage Dead Sea Facial Mud Pack


How is summer treating you, ladies? It has become intolerable where I live because of the humidity and as I already suffer from acne prone skin, I have to take extra care and precautions to avoid breakouts. So, today I have a product to share with you that helps my face stay squeaky clean and fresh during summer and it is the Rivage Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask.

Rivage Dead Sea Facial Mud Packaging

About Rivage Dead Sea Facial Mud Pack

Purifying Dead Sea facial mud mask formulated to firm and boost cell renewal while hydrates and rejuvenates dull skin by lifting impurities and gently pulling out toxins from the skin. Leaving your skin fresh and supple with healthy looking complexion.

Rivage Dead Sea Facial Mud face Pack


Clean the face with RIVAGE Liquid cleanser or Black Mud Soap. Apply Mineral Toner to prepare the skin to accept the minerals from the mud. Apply a thick, even layer of Facial Mud Mask to the face and neck using a facial brush of fingertips, carefully avoiding the delicate areas around the eyes and mouth.

After 25-30 minutes, when the mud is dry, rub off with fingertips in circular motion to exfoliate the skin. Wash the face and neck area with warm water to remove any mud residue, then apply Mineral Toner followed by RIVAGE moisturizer.

This product may be used twice weekly.

Rivage Dead Sea Facial Mud Pack

Price: $27.90 US (1 lb/1.6 0z.)

Quantity-120 ml

My take on Rivage Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask:

This mud mask comes sealed in a soft aluminum pouch with a white screw cap. The description is printed at the back of the punch along with the ingredients. The packaging is simple yet convenient during travel as it doesn’t cause any spillage and there is no question of breakage since it is a pouch. The amount is quite good for the price you pay.

Rivage Dead Sea Facial Mud Pack texture

Color and texture: As per the name goes,it sure is a mud mask, which is dark grey in color, and is creamy in consistency. It has a smooth formula and applies well all over the face and neck without any discomfort. The mud mask warms up within seconds when you apply it on your face. The sensation caused is quite similar to that of The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask. This mud mask is better though.

rivage mud pack

I let it dry for 20 to 25 minutes and after washing it off, my face feels clean and appears brighter. The best thing that I liked about this mask is that it didn’t cause any breakout.

Scent: I exactly don’t know what it smells like but it sure doesn’t smell bad. It has a fragrant muddy scent.

What I like about Rivage Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask?

  • Creamy texture
  • Smooth application
  • Skin feels refresh and supple
  • No breakouts
  • Travel friendly
  • Ingredients listed on the packaging

What I didn’t like about Rivage Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask?

  • Pricey


Recommendation: If you want to experience beauty treatment from the Dead Sea within the comfort of your home, then do try it! 🙂

Have you tried Rivage Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask?

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