Riya sen take on food , health and fitness


Diet to me is a strange concept. I dont diet. I never have. I eat everything and anytime I want to. Luckily for me, my metabolism is such that I tend not to put on too much weight.

I cant resist: food! I just eat whatever I want to. I put no restrictions on myself.
My health regime: I regularly go to the gym. I do stretching exercises, I look after my hair and my skin, and lots of sleep also helps.
What makes my skin glow: I make sure that every morning, I take a glass of warm water with lemon. By doing this, I keep my body weight in control. This mixture of water and lemon brings glow on my face and skin and makes me look glamorous and sexy.
After a hectic day, I unwind by: sleeping. Believe me, nothing works as well as sleep does.
Fashion and shopping
My fashion motto: Just be yourself. Be natural. Beauty is God-given; so don’t try to change it.
My dream dress: none. I want to look good in anything that I wear.
Among celebrities, the trendsetters are: Madonna, for one. None among Indians.
In Mumbai, I shop at: I try not to shop in Mumbai. I usually get my clothes designed. I shop abroad when I go on holiday.


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