ROHT Acnes Trial Kit Review


I was looking for and acne kit  for adult  acne and came across this acne trial kit on urban which was decently priced and I bought it immediately:)

About the product:

This is a trial kit from a company ROHT. It consists of 3 things:

  • Face wash (cleanses),
  •  lotion (prevents)
  •  A spot gel (cures)


  • Face wash: 12 gram
  • Lotion: 15 ml
  • Gel: 2 gram

acne sealing gel reviews+ROHT ACNES TRIAL KIT REVIEW

  • PRICE:  -  70/-

ACNES TRIAL KIT for oily skin ROHT


  • Wet face, take face wash in hand, foam it up and apply evenly. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Pour lotion on a cotton pad, apply gently on face.
  • Dab gel on spots.

ACNES TRIAL KIT REVIEWS+roht acne kit reviews

Acne creams +Acne kit

 My experience with ROHT Acne trial kit 

I have a very mixed opinion about this kit. This was a total chance buy for me. I just saw it on Urban Touch and bought it. I found the name so weirdly different. I mean who names the product on a negative thing. Anyways, firstly coming to each one of the products:

  • Acnes creamy wash:  As per the product, it’s fortified with the goodness of vitamin C and E. I really liked this face wash. It’s creamy, lathers well and smells fresh. After washing, face feels cool because of menthol. Very little amount is needed. It does feel drying after usage but I don’t mind it. All in all, a good face wash for oily, combination skinned, acne prone people.
  • Acnes powder lotion: This “powder” lotion thing interested me very much. I imagined a nice powdery finish, which is fresh and light to touch. But it was not so. As you can see in the photographs, it’s a transparent, watery lotion. It’s very light and smells like Ajwain.  I know, it’s so different. The smell stays for only a minute so if somebody doesn’t like it then its fine. The skin feels matte and soft to touch. The matte effect stays for 7-8 hours in this season (when my skin turns into combination skin type). I can’t really say about what will happen in summers
  • Acnes sealing gel:This gel is sticky. When applied, skin feels sticky for a while, after few minutes it totally disappears.

	acne product reviews+best acne kit

The face wash and lotion are good to be used for regular daily care. They suited my combination skin in this season. But the whole point of this kit was preventing and treating acne, which wasn’t achieved. I used it regularly twice a day. The face wash lasted for around a month, the lotion is still remaining and the gel lasted for a week or so. I did a total test by clicking photos on first day and after every week. But I didn’t see any effect on the pimples. And new ones cropped up. So it failed on acne front. It’s quite reasonably priced and available on a number of websites. I thought of getting the face wash and lotion separately for daily usage. It’s an option. But on the other hand, there are so many other face wash and lotions available which deliver much better results so I really don’t know. In the end all I can say is, if you want something for acne, then you can give it a try by getting this trial kit. It might suit someone.

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  1. Very informative post Ashu…i was very curious about this after seeing it on UT..

    after reading ur review i just think its a daily care formulae for oily skinned gals rather than acne prone ppl…especially since it does tend to keep the oil at bay..

  2. Ashu, i just got it last weekend..the tubes are sooo tiny ..i have used only the face wash and the gel, suprisingly the “single acne” that i got reduced over night…


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