Roll on deodorant – Nivea roll on deodorant (Product review)

                                    Nivea Extra whitening Roll On Deodorant (Product Review)

About  Nivea Extra whitening Roll On Deodorant:-

Extra Whitening roll-on with 2x pore minimizing power from witch hazel and avocado oil helps to minimize pores for visibly whiter and smoother underarms. Reduces  skin darkening, 24h anti-perspirant, dermatologically tested,
Active Ingredients-  Water, Licorice extracts, Witch Hazel etc

                       Nivea- Roll on deo

Direction for use Apply to underarm skin.
Nivea Extra whitening Roll On Deodorant Price Rs. 120.00

My experience with  Nivea Extra whitening Roll On Deodorant:-

No one can think of stepping outside without applying deodorants… as body odour can cause you a huge embarrassment. Wearing a right deo can boost up your confidence.
 I generally do not spray deo directly on my skin as I feel it darkens my underarm skin and instead I spray it after wearing clothes.
 I am more comfortable with roll on sticks other than the sprays.. as I feel they last very long.
Dark underarms are a major problem nowadays and every other person is asking you how to lighten them. Though we can try many home remedies to lighten them.  Even I suffered from this problem and yes even using razor can cause darkness to your underarms( my personal experience).
I have tried many roll- ons like FA and its various variants and I liked them as they helped me in staying odourless and at the same time not darkening my underarm skin.
I keep changing my deo every now and then as I like to experiment on this part and trying different fragrances.
This time I bought this Nivea extra whitening roll-on deo which also claims minimizing pores. Even more visible harder pores in your underarm skin can look bad.
 The smell of the product is neither too mild nor too strong… it is medium and the fragrance is like of good talcum powder or body lotion or we can say a typical Nivea fragrance.. I liked it..
After its application I saw it lasts almost throughout the day no need to apply in between. It also helped in lightening my underarm skin it was visible fairer not too much but yes it does.
And yes after its 2-3 applications only you would notice visibly smooth and minimized pores in your underarm skin that’s what the product claims.
A good deo compared to other variants in the market…. Especially in minimizing the pores.
Cons of the product
If looking for an alcohol free deo than this is not the one for you.
Does not dries out quickly…. And can leave white marks on dark colored cloth.
Other variants available in the market for alcohol free ,quick drying and no white marks ex- FA in the same price range.
Rating 3.5/5

Have you tried  Nivea Extra whitening Roll On Deodorant?

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