Roots and Herbs Brightening Under Eye Tailam Review


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The eyes are one of the most beautiful assets of our face and We shouldn’t ignore the delicate under eye area as it the most sensitive part and effects easily. I have tried a lot of eye cream and mask till date and recently came across an Under Eye ‘Tailam’ by Roots and Herbs. Let’s get into the details.

Product Info

Brightening nutmeg under eye tailam is based on Ayurvedic is crafted for protection and rejuvenation of the under eye area.The revitalising formula in the form of oil is highly enriched with potent herbs that helps lighten the dark circles,nourish firms and tones the sensitive area.

Skin type – For the delicate areas around the eyes dark circles, fine lines dehydration.

Frequency – Can be applied every day.

Application – Take a small amount the massage around the eyes gently.


Price – INR 1190 for 50ml.


My Experience with Roots and Herbs Brightening Under Eye Tailam 


It came in a black coloured glass bottle with signature detailing and a silver cap around its neck with an attached glass dropper. It has a silver base for extra protection of the product and all the product was packed nicely and I got this in my envy box December 2016 edition.

Texture –

It is brown – yellow in colour just like other Kumkumadi oil. The consistency is a bit thick and but blendable. You just need to massage a little amount with your ring finger around your eyes and all the product get absorb in a go!



It does have a strong Nutmeg smell which lingers for a while and completely fades away in half and hour after the application.It may bother for some sensitive noses bit I personally don’t have any issues with herbal smells.


It is a really revolutionary product in oil form which meant for under eye area only.We all know the benefits of facial oils as they give a long lasting glow and really worth every penny. I use this oil twice a day and it really helps to retain the brightness of my under eye area. It does give sting feeling if it gets into your eyes which is really a big drawback of this oil but one can always be careful while using this kind of products.

It is highly moisturising and reduces minor imperfection gradually but effectively.It is the little price but really worth a try.Highly recommended !!

What I Like about Roots and Herbs Brightening Under Eye Tailam 

  • Sturdy glass bottle packaging
  • Fades eye imperfections gradually
  • Comes with dropper
  • Brightens up the eye area with regular usage
  • Thick but blend-able texture
  • Moisturise the under eye area
  • Great quantity for the price
  • Sensitive skin safe
  • 100% natural and ayurvedic ingredients
  • Free from chemicals, preservatives artificial colouring or artificial fragrance.



What I don’t like Roots and Herbs Brightening Under Eye Tailam 

  • Availability is an issue
  • Price may be issue for some
  • Slow results
  • Not travel-friendly due to glass bottle
  • Strong Nutmeg fragrance might be a problem for some
  • Stings, if get into the eye.

Rating – 4/5


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