Rose Water Uses For Face


I am from U.S and I recently bought rose water.I have read its a popular beauty ingredient in India.How do I use it on face?




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  1. My fav rose water is Dabur Gulabari and now its Pattanjali Gulab jal.
    I mix it wth my face packs and also use it as a toner. U can dip cotton balls in the rose water n apply on the eyes n rest fr 10 minutes, it gives a soothing effect. You can also use Dabur gulabari as an eye drop , it soothes the eyes.

  2. My all time favourite is fab India’s rose water. You can use it with face packs, I use it with my home facials too.. I mix it with the massage cream n it adds to the glow. You can use it as a toner. Cotton pads drenched with rose water on the eyes can fight away all the stress.

  3. Apart from all the tips mentioned above, u can also spritz some onto your makeup brush (foundation brush to be specific) to give your foundation a dewy, natural finish. This also helps to blend the foundation better and is best to do so if you have dry skin

  4. Every night I wipe my face with cotton dipped in rose water and then apply night cream. Sometimes I dont even use night cream after the feels fresh.

  5. – use as a toner
    – mix with face packs
    – mix with glycerine during winter months
    – a cotton ball dipped in rosewater to sooth tired eyes
    – mixed in bathing water
    – and u can put it in your gulab jamun’s syrup for that glow from withing 😀


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