Round Face – 5 hairstyles tips for round face


By Naina, 

 Round face – If you are confused about your face shape and want to know whether your face shape is round or not then few points can help you out in determining your face shape.

1. Round face has nearly same dimension in both directions i.e width and length.

2. Most of the time round face has a soft, rounded chin and cheeks are full of cheek bones.

Most of  round face shapes are not perfect and one should try to figure out the best hair style which will suit their round face.

 We only need to keep two things in mind while looking for hair cut for round face.

1 Trying to make your face appear thin
2. Tone down the fullness of the cheeks

Few of the recommended hair styles are:-

 Short Hairstyles –  One can get the side of their hair shorts or get them close to the face.This hairstyles makes face appear thin if the haircut adds length to the face.

Layered bangs– Layered bang is one of the most popular and common method to make the face look smaller.Layered bangs add length to the face and make it seem smaller.

Long curls – Most of us have the perception that curls makes their face looks more round but this is not exactly true. Curls makes round face look thin if they are kept away from the cheeks. The idea is to drive attention away from the face. One can look stunning with dangling tendrils and some long curls by keeping them away from the cheek bones.

Bob cut – Bob cut which are above the chin specially suit women who have double chins. Bob cut improves the roundness of the face and makes the neck appear longer.

Shagged long hair – When long hair are piled up it gives an impression that the face is thin.

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  1. Yes 😀 but when i take my bangs up
    My face looks oval 😛
    and when i smile my face looks roundish oval 😐
    So yea. 😛 hahahaaaaa
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  2. i have long silky(normal) hairs and my face is round shape……….would you tell me which Hair style suit me best (with name of hair cut.)…………plz suggest me……

  3. hair is silky n normal hair…i have step haircut..always :lipstick: :lipstick: ..i confused that i have oval face or round face..well my face is actually..i think round face so which haircut suits me..pls tell me :drunk: :sun:

  4. Hi…. i have round and small face…. and i have long and dense hair and wavey hair according to my face, i straightened my hair last year and now i have a curve near to my neck and i dont like that :-(( …. which hair style would be perfect for me? please suggest… :-))

  5. hai..i have round face..and my hair is dry long hair,please say me which hair style will suits me good :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :tap-dance:

  6. hi i hav a round face nd thin hair the length of hair is mediium, just few inches below shoulders can u pls suggest a good hair style for me as i tried short bob nd short hair cur but it made my face even broad, i even tried layer cut but even it dint go well as my hair is striaght at front and wavy at bottom so layer cut made my hair look even thin… 🙁 sme1 pls help me…


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