Rowenta Styling Curling Iron Review


ROWENTA STYLING IRON- For Elite Model Look Ready In 5 Minutes Multistyler

Wise She MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad International Giveaway entry (By Pavani)

Hello Wise She Readers,this is  my first ever post so little tensed. :snicker: .As I m beginner in makeup I  couldn’t think of writing a review about cosmetics so I  thought why not review something which I  have been using since ages so that it  could be right!!!so here’s a review about ROWENTA STYLING IRON-for elite model look ready in 5 minutes multistyler.Product  comes with a  ceramic technology so promises minimum damage …this is  that miracle styler which any girl can ask for…if u have this u pretty much have everything u need to style ur hair n can go out for any look…it was the one thing I  always feel proud of possesing…..

Hair Styler

It comes in the box like below and  inside is  a nice dark blue pouch which holds all the 8 pieces of this multistyler..this  packaging helps in good maintainence of the hair styler and I really love it 🙂


Philip Hair Styler

Price of Rowenta Styling Curling Iron 75$(75 dollars)

enough about the packaging :P  this whole set promises 7 different looks with 8 attachments all set n ready in 5 min….

the eight  attachments should be attached to this handle with comes with a locking ring


Hair Styler

I clikced some more pictures to let you know how it looks like 🙂


Philip Hair Styler




Philip Hair Styler




Panasonic hair styler review

Here are the looks…


Hair Styler

the looks it promises are

1.iron-for crimped curls

2.iron-for loose curls

3.iron-for tight curls

4.styling brush-for soft curls and waves


Hair Styler Panasonic


5.iron-for spiral curls(ringlets)

6.straightner-for straight hair

7.crimper-for crimped hair


  • Everything comes in one nice cure bag 🙂
  • Ceramic technology so minimum damage
  • Very easy to do on self
  • Takes only 2-3 min for getting hot
  • Comes with 3 yrs warranty


  • the straightener iron are large in size and little heavy and if I use it for long time my hand stars paining.


Which ironing rods do u girls use??? and suggest some good hairstyles which these friends?

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  1. simple awesome…I am seriously going to buy this because i like maggie noodles like hair..simply loved them when Veena malik use to do them in Big Boss.

    Have you tried that Pavani?

  2. im so scared of irons 😛 once a friend of mine was ironing her hair for a party and i was like hell scared that it would burn her hair :rotfl: 😛 i kept saying her so much that after a certain time she was like ok its safer to go without it 😛 :rotfl:

    • :rotfl:rotfl:

      but she is lucky to have a friend like you shreya:) you were so concerned about her:).This is what matters in friendship:)

  3. i loveee styling my hair with iron rods but not anymore 🙂
    guess am so tempted to do it once again 😀
    thanks for review and all the best for giveaway 😀

  4. its looking tempting to me also 😐 but i’m scared like Shreya…kahi baal jal na jaye :pain: :pain: of course it won’t burn if handle with care but since i haven’t handled it ever, i’m scared :-((

  5. thank u anamika for posting this so wonderfully n thank u all the lovely girls for liking my first post :kissblow: :kissblow:
    @anamika-no dear i didnt try it yet :-/ but i did tight curls they stay all night n loose curls come out gorgeous i too luv veena malik way of doing curls wit all that self obsessive talking n flaunting assets :rotfl: :rotfl:
    @priti-xcept spiral n soft curls i did try all the looks..super easy to do..i m planning 2 try the rest in coming wks. :yes:

    • lolz yaa veena malik flaunting everything..
      mein sundar hun, khaana bana leti hun and what not …lolzL :rotfl: :rotfl:

      i recently heard osama bin lade group sending her threats as she wore skimpy clothes during her stay in India :rotfl:

  6. @prerna-no need to get burning hair happens…like anamika said its so much fun..since u have gorgeous hair it suits u more :beauty: 🙂
    @priti- i stay outside india so i bought it here for ~75$..

  7. yaayyy!! i got the same..
    but i used it twice or thrice ever since 😀
    its really gud in use.. and u just cant harm urself like burn ur hair or something…
    but yeah using it everyday may damage ur hair.. like hair dryers do! 😛

    • hey, dont u feel the curling irons ruin the hair? mine ended up looking dull dry and lifeless just after the first use… and the box says ‘ceramic’ but the irons arnt :(.. only the straightner and crimper are ceramic

  8. Thanks for this review. I tried using a remington straightener once. But, without a heat protecting spray or serum using this would certainly damage hair. You girls use any serum? any advice ? I heard Loreal hot style finish in good. anyone used ?

  9. No never! I don’t even own a blow dryer :(( Planning to get one soon though. I was always super skeptical abt doing anything to the few strands I have :((

  10. I’ve been hunting for a perfect curler-cum-straightener rod for ages now and unable to settle for one .. please help me find one online as here in Bhopal where i study, i cant seem to find a good one 😐
    its my final semester and soon i’ll be having farewell parties, really want to start experimenting !

  11. hi. i used the bid curling iron once and it literally fried my hair. it ruined the texture.. i realised only after i washed my hair… im guessing its because the curling rods are not ceramic :(.. wasted my money on it.. not using it ne more


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