Runnnnnnn !!!! for Body shop sale

If you have read my product reviews that you must be knowing what a Body Shop freak I am.Body shop is such a fantastic brand and to make me spend more and keep me loyal to them they have again come up with a sale which is of up to 50%…Can you beat that.??

If one is a member then they can avail more discount.You can become body shop member either by depositing Rs500 as member ship or

buying product of Rs 3000.Once me and my friend went to body shop and we both bought product worth Rs 1500 each.We combined the bill and got one membership card.My friend gave the card to me as she knows how much I love there product.
Vandana love you for this darlingggg..I am planning to buy there recently launched eye shadows and body butter.Lets see what I end up getting..:)

and hey I so really second the above pic but some how I  always find my friends figure better than mine:D


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  1. There is off on bath and body stuff of 10 to 15% some of the cosmetics even have 50% off which include lip glosses, eye shadows and lipstick too:)


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