Safety rules of online dating for Indian women


Online dating has become quite a fad nowadays.There are many single women who are now finding the idea of online dating quite interesting in India . This trend is quite popular in west but has its own pros and cons. Indian women is still in a society where sharing your intimate thoughts and showing interest towards men is considered not an ideal women thing.

Still online dating has its advantages too. Life is metros have becoming busier day by day. There are many women who come from different states and want to have good social circle or a friend who they can trust upon. Some of online meeting does materialize and there are many couples who have settled down well. Sites like orkut, face book are increasing becoming popular due to this vary reason too. But there are plenty of nuts and freaks out there who are looking for a soft target.

There is no set defined rule to gauge whether the person online is honest and genuine .There are infact sites on net who teaches man how to set a good profile so that women get attracted to them. Almost every one lies when they are dating online. Man lies about their height, income, friends and past .Women generally lies about their figure, name and physical appearance.

But few lies when crosses limits can lead to disaster such as rapes, kidnapping and taking advantages as well. Sometimes if a women ignores a person after meeting him ,the other person in revenge can malign the women reputation online. He can even spread her no. on net which can put her in lot of trouble. Obviously this can be done by a friend too but chances of this in online dating are more.

Problem with Indian women is that it is difficult for them to explain this thing to their parents. So if stuck in a problem they have nowhere to go other than just sharing it with a friend.

Possibility of person hiding something can be proved by following points.

1. Giving information about them inconsistently.
2. Replying late to your chat messages.
3. Not interested much in talking on phone.
4. Willing to chat only at odd hours.
5. He never gives his cell no. and is only interested in your no.

Few safety precautions which you should keep in mind are:-

1. Never give full details about yourself until you meet the person 4-5 times.

2. Always share this with your best friend and take your very own time in knowing the person.

3. No matter how afraid you are of being caught by a relative, friend or brother .Never meet a stranger in a lone some place .Prefer restaurants and avoid places where drinks are served.

4. Use reputed dating sites and If you are attacked or threatened by the person, don’t be afraid in disclosing it to your parents. No matter what mistakes you do in your life your parents will sooner or later forgive you.

5. Always tell someone before going on a date and set a danger time limit. If you are not back by that time then your friend should worry about you.

6. Never ever leave your cell phone at home thinking parents might call and you will have to give explanation to them. Your cell phone is your biggest safety asset.


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