Saint Patrick’s Day Makeup Contest


Coastal Scents is hosting Saint Patrick’s Day Makeup contest and the last date is 31st March.Submit your best St, Patrick’s Day inspired look for a chance to win up to $300 gift certificate to spend on Coastal Scents website.If you are interested then click here 



Coastal scents Saint Patrick's Day contest


      • I know to do Eye make up …A! I just need more time to experiment with eye make ups! However, the way upsi is creative..mahn! she is just like a pro make up artist when it comes to eyemake up! :-)) :hug-makeup: :chic:

    • heheh Tanz bec we don celebrate it here.. it is the Day of the Festival of Patrick where every one wears green 🙂 u will see lot of green manicure and makeup around on foreign blogs 🙂


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