Sally Hansen Insta- Brite Nail Whitener Review


Instant Nail Brightener – Sally Hansen

Due to lot of nail polish usage and avoiding base coat my nails have turned yellow nowadays and this made me use Sally Hansen Insta brite Nail Whitener which I got from Healthkart. I have been using this every alternate day since two weeks as a base coat, top coat or just by itself and sadly I am not much impressed with the product.

From the name it looks as if it is going to instantly brighten my nails and I can roam around with glossy finish white nails but it makes my nails looks much more yellow than what they are ๐Ÿ™


Nail Whitener + Sally hansen insta brite nail whitener


What Sally Hansen Claims:-

  • Brighten and Smooth Natural Nails.
  • UV Protection to Resist Yellowing; Enriched with Natural Extracts.
  • Instantly whiten and brighten nails for a fresher cleaner appearance.
  • Helps correct the visible effects of staining and other discolorations of the nail and intensify the white of natural nails.
  • Ridge-filling action creates a smooth flawless finish.
  • Price – Rs 638 for 13.3ml (It’s available at12% discount there).


I could have easily got an OPI nail polish in same amount but I thought to give this a priority and who doesn’t want bright looking nails ? It works nicely as a base coat and does prevent staining of nails which I think any ordinary base coat nail polish will also do.It gives a nice finish when used on nail polish but this was not the reason why I bought it in first place.


Sally Hassan Insta nail whitener+Nail whitener


My nails are now pretty much white but sadly this makes them look yellow.This might be because product itself is of pale yellow in colour.Wearing it alone disgusts me and makes me run to use tooth paste ร‚ย remedy to make my nails look white.

I really wanted this to work so sometime I used it every alternate day and some time for four daysร‚ย continuouslyร‚ย but all my effortsร‚ย went in vain.


sally hansen insta brite nail whitener reviews


What I like about Sally Hansen Insta- Brite Nail Whitener :-


  • I like using it as a top coat
  • I have weak nails and they have not broken down since the time I have been using it
  • Has SPF which protects my nail
  • Gives a nice glossy finish


What I do not like about Sally Hansen Insta – Brite Nail Whitener


  • It makes my nails look yellow and I hate using it on bare nails
  • Expensive
Will I recommend it to others – If you are looking for a base coat or a top coat with SPF then you can give it a try but it is definitely not going to instantly brighten your nails instead it may do the opposite ๐Ÿ˜›


Do you know any nail whitener which has worked for you ?


Wise She Rating – 2/5


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I purchased this product from Healthkart coupon send to me by the website but it has not affected my review.


  1. I bought Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Growth Program … It dint do anything as well … ๐Ÿ˜ฎ … just pinched my pocket :pain:

  2. Pricey and not working!! DAng… thats the worst kind!! :guns:
    Btw where are the swatches Ana… you promised..every day one swatch ๐Ÿ™

  3. see the silver lining, you saved our money ๐Ÿ˜›

    I am using the nail protex and it is alright. I have three weak nails (or lets say I use those three as openers) and it works good on them but if I use it on rest they become so hard I am sure I could use them as weapons.

  4. :reallypissed: :reallypissed: :reallypissed:
    I was thinking of buying this!!! I’ll ask my other nail art bloggers and let you know what works for yellow nails.

  5. :-* :-* thanks anu di, u saved me. i was planning to buy some of sally’s products :duh: .ucame up with this review at right time ๐Ÿ˜‰ :-* . YES YES YES saved my money :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: now will go go for opi :-)) n this :guns: for sally :smug: :tongue:

    • u can try it na Shivani ..u never know how it turns out ..but using lemon juice has worked really well on my nails for nail growth .

  6. A few of them told me OPI base polish works well. It may not instantly brighten ur already yellow nails..but will over time protect them from getting yellow. So if u dont already have yellow nails then u can use it to prevent staining.

  7. have such beautifully shaped nails….tell me about the toothpaste tip plz…

    This product is such a disappointment..though…and so expensive… :bangbang:

  8. oh…even i have yellow nails by using too much of nail reading the title i thought this might help me… its sad tht its no use for people like me..


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