Sally Hansen Nail Protex Vitamin Fortified Strengthener Review


Sally Hansen Nail Protex 

Product claims to restore natural nail strength and beauty. Strengthening formula with anti – oxidant complex nourishes and conditions nails. Creates a hard, smooth finish that helps prevent further damage. Helps nails grow strong and healthy.


Sally Hansen Bail Protex vitamin fortified strengthener


  • Size: 13.3 ml
  • Price: 525 /- (I got it for 475/- from Urban Touch)



Sally Hansen  vitamin fortified strengthener reviews





Sally Hansen nail strengthener ingredients

  • How to use – Brush two coats over clean, dry nails. Let dry between coats.


My experience with Sally Hansen Nail Protex

I am a nail paint lover. When I enter a cosmetics store, the first thing I see is nail paints. As such I take good care of my nails by getting regular manicures, applying lemon (thanks Zara), and massaging olive oil time to time. Still I wanted more protection for the nails. I used to apply normal base coat before applying nail paint but I wanted a base coat which will take care of the nails also. So enters Sally Hansen Nail Protex. This turned out to be an average buy. It doesn’t do any wonders for nails as such. My nails still chip at times and break too. Its price is on the expensive side. Sally Hansen products are available on various websites and on discounts too. Its consistency is thin so one time dip in the Protex is enough for one hand. I have used it for 10-12 times on all fingers and toes and still it’s almost full.


Sally Hansen Nail Protex vitamin fortified strengthener reviews (2)


I only use it as base coat. For top coat I use normal top coat. One more thing, it chips like any other nail paint when applied alone.

Overall, I feel better when I use this. I just feel that there is something good between my nails and the nail paint. So I am going to get it regularly until I find a better product. It ’s a feel good product for me. 🙂

Rating – 3.5/5


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  1. Hey
    I am using this one too. Its neither good nor bad. You are right its a mediocre product but the price is bit high. I would suggest you try Essie Protein coat next. Its for 450/- at 365Goreous. Even Inglot Nail treatments are 500/-.
    I am not buying this again.

  2. Hey Ashu… I have their max growth nail paint and i like it too 🙂
    But their french manicure kit was terrible 🙁 🙁 Does this color come as alight blue on your nails?

  3. i wish sally hansen wud make products such that actually work for the purpose they r labelled…they hav gr8 fundas but too pricey fr products which dont deliver… 🙁

    i keep looking at their products longingly and m hoping t find a winner sometime.. 🙂


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