Sally Hansen Salon Formula Nail Polish Remover For Sensitive & Artificial Nails Review


Sally Hansen Salon Formula Nail Polish Remover

I have really sensitive and weak nails and for a nail polish and nail art lover it’s really a pain to see a broken nail. I seriously wish there could be a cello tape or glue which can fix broken nails :D. Life would have been so much easier.

I got Sally Hansen Nail polish remover from where it was available at 12% discount .Original price of this is INR 325 and provides it at INR 286.I purchased the product from the coupon provided by the website and I am so glad I picked it up.

Sally Hansen fast acting polish remover review

There are many varients of this nail polish remover such as Sally Hansen Nail polish remover for dry and weak nails , moisturizing nail polish remover , strengthening nail polish remover but on health kart I just found two which is for dry and weak nails and sensitive and artificial nails.


It has Acetone and Benzophenone -3 in it which are not so great ingredients.Especially Acetone which is harsh smelling – which this nail polish remover is and Benzophenone which can lead to harmone disruption.I have read that companies like Sally Hansen and Revlon have started to come up with nail polish removers which do not have Benzophenone in them but this one does have it .

sally hansen reviews+Sally hansen nail polish removers

Formula of the nail polish remover is quite light and makes me feel cool when applied on nails.It’s not sticky or oily and I do not have to wash my nails before applying nail polish on them.One cotton pad is more than enough to wipe off all the ten nails and I do feel a sense of nourishment after using it.It doesn’t leave any white residue  near the cuticles and with its huge quantity of 236.5 ml product is going to last for long long time with me.

I don’t know how it works on artificial nails as I don’t use them but it has turned out pretty well on my real nails.Generally with Revlon nail polish remover or Lakme nail polish remover one has to put in extra bit of pressure while removing the nail polish but this was not the case with this one  and neither it left my nails dry  🙂

salon formula afe for sensitive and artificial nails fast acting polish remover

  • Packaging  – I didn’t like the packaging of the product at all especially after reading the caution written behind the bottle.Bottle has a wide mouth almost  size of a Bisleri  bottle that too without a stopper :pain:.Chance of spilling the remover are so high especially when you are engrossed in nail art.

Sally hansen nail polish remover

What I liked about Sally Hanseen Nail Polish Remover:-

  • Works pretty nicely
  • Non drying and light weight
  • Leaves no white residue behind
  • Since the time I have started using it my nails are cracking up less
  • Available in many variants
  • Good quantity

What I do not like about Sally Hanseen Nail Polish Remover:-

  • Ingredients could have been better and also the packaging
  • Harsh Fragrance
Will I re-purchase – Definitely ! It’s completely worth the money.
Rating - 
  • Overall – 3.5/5
  • Packaging -1.5/5
  • Price Vs Quality4/5


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  1. I have the pink bottle. That one is nice also. I like it too. But then I like lakme and revlon too. the only one I am slightly disappointed with is colorbar. Very expensive but not that great. Like that bottle though.

    But the best, if any one has access to Boots, is the polish remover by Boots. I got it for a pound, bottle was slightly bigger than Sally Hansens and it worked so well.

    • Nirah i was first planning to buy the pink bottle only but i head read some negative reviews about it so i chose this one..lakme and revlon are ok but they do leave whitish stain and leave my nails sry Nirah.. i will try boots ..r they available online ?

      • Oh ok. None of the new lakme or revlon removers leave any cast on my nails. Infact Lakme with vit E leaves my nails shiny. I like it.
        And just for variety ( because this is also working great for you) I’d say you can use Revlon extra gentle (it is acetone free), it is the only one that I felt helped my nails but it takes longer to get the polish off, being extra gentle.Also I think Revlon will be costlier than Sally Hansen.
        I have not seen Boots remover online.

        • ohh ! i have tried the revlon old remover but not the new one and it is costlier than this also..uff! but if u r saying it i will certainly try them out 🙂

  2. I will skip this, just because of packaging factor, I am a very careless person 🙁

    Best remover i have ever used was from The Face shop in Korea and that too just 1$…. why can’t we expect same here 🙁

  3. coolll!! I always wondered hw t remove artificial nails…i have a few sets but never used them for fear that id never b able t remove them!! Hehe… Plus, this removes NP so easily?? Usually the other leaves a whitish like t try this out fr sure..

  4. Hey ana.. It’s a nice review 🙂 🙂 I would have bought this if I have long good nails 😀 😀 he he..
    @zara.. Yeah sara.. 🙂 🙂 I love this one because it doesn’t leave a whitish residue and also doesn’t give chapped nails like the other ones do 🙂

  5. I have used the pink one long back…when these used to be sold in the Dollar Stores…but hated the packaging..

    Btw, Ana…I have mailed you something… important matter

  6. I was searching for Sally Hansen, idnt find so picked up Enliven one recently and even that has same open mouth packaging…its Enliven Nail conditioning one…

  7. haha!! Nahi re…main gulf me thi na..wahan lakme and all kahan tha…NP remover meant some cheap cinese brand that used t come in such bottles :)… Sigh…wo yaadein..


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