Salma Hayek Beauty & Makeup Secrets


Salma Hayek Beauty & Makeup Secrets

This woman needs no introduction I guess. The dazzling American-Mexican beauty ruling Hollywood with her off-beat movies is also known for her smoldering, gorgeous and exotic looks, the Mexican accent and the voluptuous figure that makes heads turn.




The dusky beauty not only has an impeccable acting skill but also has beautiful flawless skin and a figure to envy.

So we are here today to spill all secrets of her killer looks and sexy figure.

Beauty Secrets:

  • Night skin care plays a crucial part in looking good. Once I heard her saying in some interview that she doesn’t like washing her face in the morning and prefers to clean it thoroughly at night. And it makes sense. By cleansing her face at night with Oxygenated Activated Foam Face Wash removes all makeup and dirt that accumulates throughout the day. She doesn’t use any face wash or anything like that in the morning because at night the skin exudes certain oils which are needed to maintain the pH balance of the skin. If we wash our face in the morning, these essential and nourishing oils are washed off.
    Thus in morning she splashes face with water and then put her day cream. Simple.
  • She is fan of apricot jelly and massages her face daily with it. She even prefers apricot scrubs and apricot jelly based creams and lotions. She loves everything apricot-y. J She also loves Vitamin- E and honey for pampering her skin. She says, “Touching skin is good for circulation and toning. When using my anti-aging cream, I tap it onto skin.”
  • She loves experimenting with her hairstyles and keeps her hair trimmed and well maintained all the time. She massages her scalp twice with oil and opts for natural homemade masks.
    “I have wavy hair, and I know it’s not sexy to constantly fight the curl. When I come out of the shower, I apply a lot of sea-salt spray to damp hair and let it air-dry. My hair has never looked better!”


Salma Hayek Beauty Makeup Secrets


  • She recently launched her own beauty line which includes skincare and makeup products. While talking about her beauty line she says, “My grandmother was like a witch in our little village in Mexico. She knew how to cure all sorts of ailments using herbs, plants, and a lot of different exotic ingredients. My new beauty line is based a lot on her own personal recipes that I know work”

Makeup Mantras:

She isn’t a fan of heavy makeup and wear makeup only when necessary. She prefers to play up either her lips or eyes.

For Eyes: She loves light colored eye shadows that pops up her eyes complemented with strokes of liner on upper lash line and mascara. But that doesn’t mean that she is not fond of dramatic eyes. She goes for smoky dark eyes depending upon the occasion. Aubergine, black, taupe, brown and muted green eye shadows are her favorites.

For Lips: She again chooses her lip colors depending on the occasion she is getting ready for. She loves pretty peachy nudes and also bold flush of colors. She looks a glam doll in every look she sports. Plum and red lips are her favorite.

For Base: She is not fond of heavy bases unless it is some occasion. For regular use she chooses a tinted moisturizer.


Salma Hayek Beauty Secrets


Blush: She says, “The purpose of makeup is to look like you have none on. If you’re unsure of your best blush color, look at the inside of your mouth. That will give you a natural color, not too bright. I recommend this over pinching your cheeks.” That’s an awesome tip. Right girls?

Coming up with her fitness secrets in my next post. Till then keep glowing.

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