Salman Khan Verdict & What I Think



Salman Khan Verdict & What I Think

As you all know Salman Khan is accused of driving over sleeping homeless men, killing one of them, after a night of drinking in Mumbai 13 years ago. Better to be late than never, the justice has been finally served.

Now coming to my personal opinions.

Yes, I am HAPPY with the decision of the law. I’ll be expressing myself more by answering the following questions which I faced today…

He helps so many people, why killing a man matters so much?

Aaa.. You mean the noble causes can be used as a shield for the sins?? Sorry, but I feel killing somebody today and later doing some charity is not what we call “being human”. If he really has such a big heart then he should have come in front and accepted the crime, instead of pushing his driver forward as a scapegoat. Why did he flee away from the scene and not be a human?? Helping people still doesn’t give him the liberty to kill someone.


Salman Khan hit-run Verdict


There are numerous incidents/accidents reported year round, of people sleeping on footpaths, getting crushed to death by running vehicles, unintentionally by accident?

Yes, it is an accident. But to add to this accident then it was DRUNK driving, thus negligence on the driver’s part again breaking the law.

So, definitely judgement is made for the wise. Being a fan is good, turning blind doesn’t make sense. Unintentional or accident or whatever, he would be serving a crime he did. And there’s nothing to feel sad about.

I am just not agreeing with people who think it is okay to kill one because he has saved many and stuff like calling the homeless stupid for sleeping on footpaths.

Why they slept on footpath? Is it a place to sleep?

I don’t even feel like answering this. If the footpath isn’t a place to sleep, it is definitely not a place to show your “drunk and drive” skills.

He is a celebrity, that’s why everybody is after him.

In my honest opinion, Salman probably is the biggest hypocrite in the scene. Hunts per will, hit and run, refuses to own up and do his time.


Salman Khan hit-run case


People say everyone does shit like this but anyway get away, but since he is a celebrity he faces the brunt of it? Well..!! My dear Bollywood-clouded-misty-brains, if you were a common man and did any of the above, you’d be doing your time. If you were a middle-class man unable to afford a decent attorney, you’d be behind bars doing your time. If you were just another regular man without mindless crazy supporters who protest their guts out (just to watch another mindless movie), you’d very well be doing your time.

Blame the government for not providing shelter?

Let us face it – there are people on the road. There are people living on the streets, but is this condition rather recent? No, people have been homeless in our country for centuries. I don’t understand where the question of blaming the government comes into question here? Ok, so because a homeless was the victim, the government is to be blamed? Oh man, did “KICK” and “Dabaang” erase all your rationality? These are actions of an individual, a negligent individual who just happens to be a celebrity.

A Blatant murder, 12 years scot- free and still people think he has been wronged. What is wrong with the nation??

P.S. I am not against Salman Khan, I am against what he did.

What are your opinions about the issue?

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  1. I am happy with the judgement even though i like his charisma. Salman suddenly became a humanitarian after the crimes. In my view his good work is just PR and cover-up.

    • So true Maitri. All this good work on his part is nothing but PR. As the judgement of this incident was getting nearer, all the media sites (social or others) were filled with how he had donated money and lend the helicopters to help out the Nepal earthquake victims.

  2. It’s really disgusting to see how many Bollywood celebs are defending this man. I’m not going to comment on why it took 12 years to get this verdict but I am very glad it was GUILTY because he is.

    The idea that homeless people are disposable and not considered as human beings and Salman Khan is better than them is an attitude I can never understand.

  3. I feel exactly the same more so

    Here is what i believe is the strategy which he followed..(Got it from FACEBOOK )

    1998: Salman Khan is accused of poaching three chinkaras and a black buck near Jodhpur. Illegal possession of arms.
    2002, Salman gets drunk and kills one person and injures 5 others in a road accident. He runs away from the spot without bothering to help the guys he ran over.
    2002-2006: The eye witness constable, bodyguard, Ravindra Patil goes through torture from everyone involved – police, Salman Khan’s friends, other rich and influential people.
    2007: Ravindra Patil dies
    2007: Salman Khan starts being Human foundation

  4. I’m glad, he was proved guilty. Being a film STAR doesn’t make you GOD! I’m seeing tabloids, online media have only one news, that is Salman Khan! We enjoy his movies but this shouldn’t take away the fact that he had committed some serious crimes and he should be punished.
    I feel Indian Law should be same for ALL !
    The rich and the poor…..

  5. Madhu well done…you just speak my words…I admit I like him as a actor.I’m a fan but this doesn’t mean I support what he did…people are supporting him coz it is not happened with them …I m happy what court decide atlast he have to pay for the crime he did …this prove that you may b powerful today but time is more powerful than anyone.

  6. I completely agree with each and every point you made Madhubani. Strangely enough in our country people care more about their celebrity rather than persons who had lost their life.

  7. Exactly my thoughts Madhubani.The whole episode of people rooting for Salman is sickening and disgusting and disturbing to say the least.


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