Do You Try Beauty Samples?


Are you fond of trying out sample products .??

Whenever I see them I get tempted and think of stocking them up:D:D

Here are few which I recently got or I mean found in my bag :D:D

Sample products for free in India


This is Garnier skin natural light daily moisturiser

I got two of these when I forgot to carry moisturiser with me and it made my skin super soft. I am planning to buy its cream .Shall I ?

Garnier light daily moisturiser

Few weeks back reliance stores were giving these No Marks face wash samples and when girl at the counter gave one to me I asked for another one :D:D Havent tried them till yet :P:P but I wanted them :D:D


skin whitening face wash

Ok these are serious samples which I got from Body shop.Don’t forget to ask them next time when you visit the store.I liked this Body shop rainforest shampoo trial pack.My hair felt so soft and smooth but I did used extra shampoo to mix it in this.


Body shop rainforest moisture conditioner for dry hair

Then with this Body shop Rainforest moisture conditioner for dry hair.This was a nice conditioner.


Body shop rainforest moisture shampoo for dry hair


Both the shampoo and conditioner contain pracaxi oil, manketti nut oil and community trade honey.There is no silicon , no colurants and no parabean in them.

These are few of my samples which I am enjoying nowadays .How about you ? Do you think they work ?


  1. plz do review NOMARKS face wash.

    I got yesterday DEBORAH MILANO MATTE foundation yesterday

    n got VLCC suncreen SP15 MATTE LOOK sachet with my INDIA TODAY magazine 😛

    Chalo, gn 😛 😀

  2. I love samples 😀 Femina always gives some sample or the other 😀
    And that TBS shampoo, I have used it. Didn’t like it coz it doesn’t lather easily and the conditioner weighed down my hair 🙁 But then again it was the SLS version of it. I heard this tiem it is lot better.

  3. Hello Anamika ji. How do you do? Any new phoren maal added to your collection? :smug: No, I don’t want the answer :idk:

  4. I am currently using TBS Vit C serum sample.. The lady at the counter was so silly, I saw these behind her & asked her for a sample.. She had no idea these were for free, she actually asked me to pay for it!! 😯 .. Luckily another employee was standing closeby & he informed her that these were free samples! This is the level of stupidness I encounter at times at TBS 😮

  5. I looove using samples..I usually use the ones for foundations, face washes or shampoos…I love using the foundation ones..Helps immensely in choosing which suits best 🙂

  6. They said they wont give me 🙁 i went to Lush today…i like Hitech City ke trips…but i get poorer everytime i go there…

    Got 50-60 gms each of Herbalism and Aqua Marina..hehaha..they had a new sales man this time and he seems to know better than the previous lady..

      • Had a collegue’s farewell party so had gone there with a bunch of them…i behaved and did as less of window shopping as i could :blush:

        I have been doing hitech city ke rounds for one week now…my office is in uppal na…all the other MNCs are in Hitech or Gacchibowli…once i ‘shift’ to one of these places we will catch up…my home is 45kms away from Gacchibowli btw 🙂

  7. Ki you get eyeshadow samples!!! and blushes too!!! :shout: Do the SAs think i dont deserve samples…like i wont come back to take the actual one if i like it….. :pissedoff:

  8. Oh once i did get neutrogena sunblock ka sample tube…chutku one…so i’m not that deprived after all.. :dance: :dance:

  9. ohhh wow ana 😀 😀 i love samplesssssssssssss and yaaaa why didnt you posted SEPHORA Samples here ??? :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  10. I think Samples are the best things to judge the product. One can easily test the product whether is it right product for her or not?? 😀

  11. well i think that samples are way much better than the actual product u buy! 😛 :p
    i dont know.. i used to have many samples before… everytime i went shopping i got 2-3 samples.. and when i felt like one of the product is really awesome.. i used to buy the actual product.. spending lots of money and that wont do any gud to me 🙁


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