Sanctuary Spa Mande Lular Body Souffle Review


Sanctuary Spa Mande Lular Body Souffle


This is one product which I am still not sure if I should or can review. I hardly put this to use. I bought this sometime ago, say, 2 months or so.

I can count the number of times I have used this so far. Ya, this is a major flop with me. 🙁


Sanctuary Spa Mande lular Body Souffle


Where did this body soufflé fail for me? Fragrance. I find this a mixture of rancid, acidic, citric, sour, all similar range, something like a sour fruit. This is the only problem I find in this product. My smelling senses and the product fragrance did not go well.

I had sniffed the tub at the store before buying. Had not liked it then and there. But, then I couldn’t resist the way this creamy product looked. Thought I could somehow manage with the smell. So far I have never had much trouble with the fragrance of any of the products, but this one proved me wrong.

The tub is white, looks royal and high profile. I like it.


Sanctuary Spa Body Souffle


The texture is very soft, like real butter. It is very cooling and sinks very well into the skin.

I don’t like the smell. Else by now, I would have hit the bottom of the tub and would have bought some back tubs too.

I am glad I picked up a travel sized pack of 50 ml. A full size tub is of 475 ml and costs £11. I paid £3 for 50 ml travel tub.

Everybody is all praise with this product. But my bad luck. I don’t blame this one. It is just my personal preference of the fragrance of the product. You might like this. Give a try if you get a chance to pick any of the Sanctuary Spa products.


Sanctuary Spa Mandelular Body Souffle swatch


What I like about Sanctuary Spa Mande Lular Body Souffle:

  • Creamy soft cooling texture.
  • Sinks into the skin very easily.
  • Moisturizes the skin very well
  • Available in tiny travel size pack.

What I don’t like about Sanctuary Spa Mande Lular Body Souffle:

  • Fragrance (personal opinion)

Have you tried Sanctuary Spa Mande Lular Body Souffle?

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