SaND For Soapaholics Melaline Soap Review


SaND For Soapaholics: Melaline Soap


Hello bombshells!

I was quite busy putting on the testing hat for the last two soaps I received from Wiseshe’s personal Santa Claus aka Anamika! ๐Ÿ™‚ So both the soap reviews are coming your way soon with the one being this Musk Melon Soap.

Musk Melon is a typical fruit of the summer season and is great for relieving the mind & body from the scorching summer season. Although monsoons are retreating in every part of the country still there are scorching sunny days in many cities including mine too!


fresh musk melon soap

About SaND For Soapaholics: Melaline Soap:

SaND aims in creating homemade personal care products which are basically made out of ingredients derived from fruits and eatables. Our primary target is to popularize harmless natural cosmetics which have significant effect on your skin and hair. In our mode of expansion, we wish to reach out to our buyers as personally as we can. There are traditional approaches and along with that we have chosen to create big impact on the e commerce space to target internet friendly modern buyers. Our products are harmful preservative free and to keep the natural ingredients intact, we specially take care of the packaging part too!

The company claims to make handmade items relating to skincare, haircare, organic cosmetics & personal care products with the basic motive to produce harmless & natural skincare products!


musk melon soap


Ingredients– Not mentioned on the package

Color & Texture- The soap is of the same color as that of a musk melon and The rich fruity smell is enough to tell you that it indeed is made of musk melon fruit.

The texture is a solid but moisturized and you may not feel it to be dry at all. The shape gives a clear appearance of the musk melon ingredients.

My Experience with SaND For Soapaholics: Melaline Soap”

It is certainly not a fancy looking soap as other soaps like honeycomb or fruit blast soap but the cleansing action it does is great. This soap smells heavenly of melon fragrance and keeps the skin soft.


soapaholics review


The soap is not at all drying for the skin just as other soaps from the handmade soaps range due to the absence of any chemical ingredient which may be drying for the skin.

The soap lathers very less and even if you rub it like 10 times it will give that much lather only as for 1-2 times rubbing. It gives an idea about the absence of sulphates in it due to the minimum lathering.


soap lather


But it effectively cleans any oil from the skin effectively without stripping off the moisture level of the skin.

Overall, It is a great herbal soap and handmade soap lovers will surely enjoy the fruity smell of this soap.

What I like about SaND For Soapaholics: Melaline Soap:

  • Fruity fragrance
  • Lathers very less
  • Effectively cleanses dirt & oils from the skin surface
  • Very gentle on the skin
  • Not at all drying


soap texture

What I don’t like about SaND For Soapaholics: Melaline Soap:

  • Ingredients list needs to be mentioned

Rating- 4/5

Will I recommend?- Yes..all the handmade soap lovers out there..get these soaps & enjoy the fruity bath luxury! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you tried SaND For Soapaholics: Melaline Soap?

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