Sandalwood Essential Oil & Its Uses


Sandalwood Essential Oil & Its Uses

Essential oils have taken the beauty addicts by storm. Now more people are believing in the magical healing and skin restoration powers of these essential oils. These oils are extracted from the variety of herbs and trees found in the rich flora of the country!

Essential oils are used for various uses. Each essential oil has a specific functioning which we usually discuss in detail when talking about various essential oils!

sandal wood essential oil uses

Sandalwood or Chandan as we commonly refer to is actually a tree found in the extensive forest cover of India. Sadly it is on the verge of extinction as it is quite expensive and is used commercially!

Sandalwood paste is overly important in the rituals of the Hindu as it is put on the forehead for a peaceful mind. It has extensive use in various religious occasions like birth of a baby, marriage. There are several other auspicious occasions in a person’s life when thye use sandalwood paste.

Talking about the extraction of sandalwood essential oil, this process is time consuming. But it has enormous commercial success as it is an ingredient in so many health care products . It has direct benefits to the people using these products!

Usually, extraction of essential oil is  through the distillation and filtration of sandalwood trees which are old enough to give ample amount of oil which is rich in aroma!

Here are some of the prominent uses of Sandalwood essential oil-

Prevents Acne

Sandalwood is anti-inflammatory and has cooling properties! So a paste of sandalwood essential oil along with turmeric powder and pure rose water visibly reduces the size of the pimples and give a clear skin!

Add yoghurt, multani mitti & sandalwood powder+skin care treatment

Treats Skin Rashes

It is also effective in treating the skin rashes due to any allergic reaction! A paste of turmeric powder along with few drops of sandalwood essential oil will vanish the skin rashes and give a calm sensation to the skin!

Nourishes Dry Parched Skin

Winters are approaching and the only skin woes during this time is the dryness of the skin. So mixing few drops of sandalwood oil to a carrier oil like jojoba oil, is the best moisturizer for the skin. It will make your dry skin soft and supple throughout the day!

Commercial Usage

Sandalwood essential oil is widely popular in skincare, hair care and other fragrance products like incense sticks, body fragrance or Itra etc. It is useful in preparing soaps, face packs and so many skincare products!

Skin Pigmentation

sandalwood powder

Skin tanning and pigmentation is a common concern and one can use sandalwood oil for the same! Well, yes this is quite effective and unique way to make the skin appear even toned! Mixing coconut oil & jojoba oil in equal proportions along with sandalwood essential oil, helps in breaking down the pigments built up on the skin due to excessive exposure to the sun rays! Using this oil mixture will result in an even skin tone after a few uses itself!

Relaxing for body

Sandalwood essential oil is also famous as an aromatic body massage oil which awakens the senses. It induces a powerful relaxing calmness in the body and the mind. For those who are too stressful must try the goodness of this essential oils to deals with the stress concerns!

Anti-Aging properties

sandalwood face pack

The sandalwood essential oil is also effective in reducing the visible age signs on the skin. It  treats various skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis. It acts as a great astringent for the skin and tones it effectively!

I hope you like these numerous uses of Sandalwood essential oil which is so popular among beauty enthusiasts!

Have you tried Sandalwood Essential oil before?

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