Sandalwood Powder Benefits In Skin Care,Improving Complexion And Wrinkle Free Skin


 Benefits of sandalwood powder in skin care 

Post By Ramneet

 I came to know about Sandalwood powder during my stay in US.Many of my neighborhood friends use to talk about this powder and how it is easily available in India.After some research I came to know about this wonderful Ingredients which I never bothered about when I was in India.Sandalwood is an Indian tree, the wood of the sandalwood powder is used to make many cosmetics and aromatic products.
 Used in many religious ceremonies it is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine for various skin conditions.It is effective in treating various skin problems.Sandalwood is used in the form of oil , paste and powder too.After knowing about this wonderful herb I have been regularly using it on my skin.It has helped in clearing my complexion and removing blemishes and now it  has become a must have ingredient in my house.

Sandalwood Powder for face

Sandalwood powder has antimicrobial properties and therefore it is considered as a best cure for acne and blemishes.If sandalwood powder face pack is used regularly it helps in getting rid of acne. 

Face pack which I used on my acne was pretty simple.All I did was mixed some rose water in 2tbsp of sandalwood powder to form a paste.Thick layer needs to be applied on the face and let it stay for 15 minutes.Wash it off with water and apply toner.Regular use of this face pack diminished the acne and scars.Please not that I have combination skin and this pack is meant for oily or combination skin only.


I have been using the same pack to sooth sunburn and it has helped me in healing them.

Suntan  – Sandalwood powder can be effectively used in removing suntan over your skin. To remove suntan Grate some cucumber (around half) and take out its juice.Add some rose water, curd  and sandalwood powder in it.You can take equal quantity of curd and rose water and mix the paste thoroughly.Apply it on your face and let it stay for 20 minutes.This soothes the skin and helps in reducing stains.
Sandalwood powder for wrinkles-  The biggest reason why I switched  to sandalwood powder was wrinkles. Using sandalwood powder on face maintains the skin beauty for years.By applying sandalwood powder, rose water and glycerin regularly for 20 minutes helps in getting clear skin and making it look younger.

Red Sandalwood Powder

There is another type of sandalwood powder which is known as red sandalwood powder or rakhtaChandan. This powder gets its name from its color.This powder is regularly used in cosmetics as well.It is a good option for those who can not tolerate sandalwood fragrance.Red sandalwood powder helps in improving the complexion and clearing scars.Sandalwood powder has turned out miracle beauty secret  for me and thank you Wise She for letting me share my experience here.

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  1. Where do you get sandal wood powder and how much is it ? I once tried some arbit powder and ended up with pimples because of the impurity it had ! I have sandal bark from which i can grind the sandal off but i am lazy 😀

  2. you know, pure sandalwood is very good for skin but very costly too. We bengalis use sandalwood paste (by rubbing small sandalwood piece on stone plate) in our puja due to their antiseptis and holy properties…
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  3. Where do you get sandal wood powder and how much is it ? I once tried some arbit powder and ended up with pimples because of the impurity it had ! I have sandal bark from which i can grind the sandal off but i am lazy 😀

  4. Powdered sandalwood comes with a risk of adulteration so i have brought a small piece of sandalwood which costed me Rs50/- from puja material shop (in kolkata). I rub it in a stone with few drops of water and pure sandalwood paste is ready for me…

  5. You can get the sandalwood piece (pure) from any Karnataka handicrafts shop called Kaveri – it is present in all major cities. Also Dabur has this very good face pack with sandalwood as its main ingredient, called Dabur Vatika Fairness Face Pack – people with oily skin can use it.

  6. ok sorry the spelling is Cauvery and the Hyderabad address is given below. They have awesome shawls/handicrafts etc. Don't go there and start buying other stuff – just go – get the sandalwood and come back like a good girl 🙂

    * No.40, Seven Hills Plaza,
    Sarojini Devi Road,
    Sedunderabad 500 003
    Phone : 00-91-40-27810604

  7. In chennai u get it in all the ‘dabba’ stores.The pure and original ones!..U can find if its original or adulterated from the smell..It costs only around 25 bucks..:P 😀

  8. hi Sourendu samaddar brother u try sandalwood paste by rubbing its bark, with water or rose water. use daily surely you will find great differerce within a short period

  9. From few days I have been using red. Sandal. How many hours I have to wash, now I keep two hours, did it harm my skin any how keeping two hours on sensetive , acne skin..


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