Saree draping styles from Lakme


Saree is the most elegant attire which a women can adorn.You can look absolutely different and stylish by draping saree in a different style.Below here are some different saree style given by Lakme.

Few tips while wearing it are:-

1.Wear your saree neatly.
2.Alter your blouses and always get them stitched from a good boutique
3.Be confident in what you are wearing.
4.Use lot of pins so that saree remains intact.
5.Never wear a flared patticoat inside.

Northern pride drape

The northern Indian style of draping saree involves the traditional way of wearing the saree with the end piece falling across the front of the body.In this sarees have skirt pleats in the front and the free end draped around the back and over the front, so that the end piece of the saree covers the wearer`s breasts.

Classic India drape

Its a common North indian drape

Maharani style drape

This type of drape was carried by Indian Maharanis

Western innovative drape

Mumtas style drape

Remember actress Mumtaz in her songs wearing this drape.This is very innovative drap. here saree is rounded twice around to give a slim effect. It’s hard to walk in this drap. This drap is good for saree with heavy or embroidered borders.Wearing this style makes on look slimmer too.

Devdas style drape

It is the Bengali style however the difference is that instead of the pallu end being left long it is again wrapped around the upper body with the end thrown over the left shoulder. Attach eithera heavy key or a key ring to corner of the end to weight it down and keep it from falling.

Indo western style drape

This drape is regularly seen in party circle now.Many women use it to hide their belly.
Another northern pride drape

I personally have never seen any one wearing this drape.It is giving more of a party gown look.

I never though of wearing saree in a short skirt style.What drapes!!!



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