Saslic DS Foaming Face Wash Review


I’d used Saslic face wash (the yellow one containing 1% Salicylic acid) a couple of years ago and really liked the results. It made my skin glow but I did not repurchase only because I have the habit of trying out new stuff and rarely ever buy the same product twice :silly:. Since I’m currently suffering from a bout of awful acne that decided (as usual) to rear its ugly head exactly when I have functions to attend :struggle: , I gave Saslic DS face wash a try. The difference is that Salic DS contains a higher concentration on Salicyclic acid…2% to be precise.

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Saslic DS Foaming Face Wash Review+ face wash

About Saslic DS Foaming Face Wash:

To be used for the treatment and prevention of acne as part of the daily cleansing routine.

Not to be used in children below 3 years (Now I really want to know which parent would actually consider using this on their 3 year old…or even 10 year old! 😮

  • Quantity:60 ml
  • Price:INR 180
  • Shelf life:2 years from mfg date
  • Availability:Available in most medical stores.
  • Manufacturer: Cipla
  • Ingredients:Salicyclic Acid IP: 2% w/v. (Can you believe that’s ALL they mentioned?? :shock:)
  • Directions:
  1. Gently massage Saslic DS all over wet face.
  2. Avoid eyes and surrounding areas
  3. 3.Allow it to remain for 20-30 seconds
  4. Rinse face thoroughly and pat dry

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Saslic DS Foaming Face Wash Review

Packaging: It comes packaged in a purple carton and the bottle in turn is completely sealed in clear plastic. The face wash comes in a transparent, plastic, lightweight bottle with a purple-tinted label. This makes it really easy to determine how much product is left in the bottle. It has a pump dispenser with a transparent cap that fits snugly. Although the cap fits well, I’m not too sure if it would stay in place when dumped randomly in a bag. I have taken it with me while travelling but I do make sure I keep the bottle upright and in a compartment where it won’t budge.


My experience with Saslic DS Foaming face wash:

If you haven’t used foaming face washes before, you’ll find the experience quite a novelty. In the bottle you see clear, runny liquid and the consistency matches that of plain water. When you press the pump, you get a handful of bubbly foam. You have to massage the foam on your face but it will not lather any further. You will not feel the regular slippery feel of a soapy face wash; instead it simply feels like you’re massaging a mixture of air and slimy water on your face. Umm…maybe I shouldn’t have used the word slimy :-/. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice feeling actually.

One pump is more than enough for the entire face since using two pumps will ensure that you finish up the bottle in less than a month! Yup, this is not one of those long-lasting face washes. The bottle will be half empty (or half full if you’re an optimist 😛 ) before you know it, and that’s sad considering the price is double…no wait…triple that of a regular drugstore cleanser.

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Saslic DS Foaming Face Wash Review+ foaming face wash

The fragrance is quite mild and very pleasant. It rinses off easily and leaves skin squeaky clean and fresh. It strips all traces of grease and what I love most about this face wash is that it keeps my skin oil-free for a minimum of 3 hours or more. Of all the face washes I’ve used, this has the best oil-control. It does not make my skin overly dry, but then I don’t think there’s ANY face wash that makes my super-oily skin go all dry :heh: But if you have very dry skin, you may experience a stretchy feeling after you use this and it “may” further dry out your skin.Read - Review Clean And Clear Blackheads Removing ScrubSaslic DS Foaming Face Wash Review+ face wash for oily skin
I did not see any immediate results, but slowly yet surely my acne healed. It took its time but I can see a visible glow in my skin and the intensity of breakouts has reduced. I won’t say this prevents acne completely but it still is efficient in controlling them to a great extent. I don’t feel this will show any major effect on existing blemishes and scars.One point to note is that products with Salicyclic acid may cause breakouts in first time users. If your skin is not used to the peeling mechanism of such chemicals, you may develop a reaction in the form of pimples. But the good news is that once your skin gets accustomed to it, the breakouts will subside and the product will start working in your favor. So, it’s a good idea to start with the regular Saslic face wash and then upgrade to this one. I didn’t do so this time because Salicyclic acid rules my life and almost half the products I use contain some percentage of it! :shy:

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Saslic DS Foaming Face Wash Review+ face wash review

What I like about Saslic DS Foaming face wash:-

  • Convenient, hygienic, easy-to use packaging with pump dispenser
  • Comes with an outer carton, plus the bottle is fully sealed
  • Clear instructions with pictures
  • Contains Salicyclic acid that helps to treat and prevent acne
  • pH balanced
  • Foam-based face washes are considered to be more effective for oily, acne-prone skin
  • Cleanses effectively and removes all traces of grease and grime
  • Rinses off easily without leaving any residue
  • Controls oil for long
  • Mild, pleasant fragrance
  • Prevents acne to a great extent
  • Did not dry out my skin
  • Does not sting when applied on broken or irritated skin
  • Long-term use makes skin glow

What I don’t like about Saslic DS Foaming face wash:-

  • Finishes up really fast
  • Pricey
  • May not suit those with dry skin
  • List of ingredients is not given

Rating: 4.8/5

Final thoughts on Saslic DS Foaming face wash:

I highly recommend this face wash to those with very oily, acne-prone skin. I wish it lasted longer especially considering the price. Since this is medicated, it is advisable to first consult your physician before use. I also make sure I don’t use this more than twice a day. If I feel the need to wash my face more than twice, I use a different, milder cleanser since I don’t want to risk irritating my skin.

Have you tried the Saslic DS Foaming face wash?

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  1. Arreyyyyyyyyy I have started using it just before 2 days recommended by my Derma Dr….. :rotfl:
    I was thinking of reviewing it still have to wait to the results…. :giggle:
    Nice review all are very true as you said Nafi… :yes:

  2. mmm not for me, am damn sure it would dry me out.. right now am using the foam wash from himalaya and loving it :yes: and totally agree that foam washes finish soon 🙁

  3. Even I have used the saslic 1% salicyclic acid face wash and liked the results. Was too scared to try out the 2% one as it may be too strong for my skin.
    But then I tried out Vedicline neem and brahmi face wash and totally loved the results. My skin does not feel oily for 3-4 hrs minimum and it also dries out new pimples. At the same time it does not dry out my skin and makes it shine 🙂

  4. Hi…nice review Nafisa……, i have been using this face wash from past one month, this was prescribed by my derma doctor, but i am using the 1% saslic facewash, as you, in the beginning i felt, my acne got more, but after 10 days of continuous using it has cleared all my acne, but from few days i am feeling that my skin has got too dry and after washing face i can see dry patches around my mouth and nose area :((… did you managed your dryness problem by using this facewash pls let me knw….but i swear it really gives kind of glow on the face O:-)

    • Hi Jayashree! U could try using a moisturizer soon after u wash ur face to combat the dryness. I haven’t faced any dryness maybe because i follow up wth a toner n then a moisturizing cream. Hope it helps :-))

  5. Hey,

    I have started using Saslic Ds a week ago but I am getting more pimples. Is it normal and I should give some time or I should stop using this.

    Please suggest


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