Satin Pure Exfoliating Hair Removal Pads Review


Post by Mitra,                         Pain Less Waxing – Satin Pure Exfoliating Hair Removal Pads Review

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Hello Beauties !!!

Hope you guys are enjoying the monsoons as much as I  am..and what with Ramadan on, I have master plans to gorge on my favorite Haleem at least twice a week if not everyday!!!

Now coming over to my review for today, the other day someone had asked about facial hair and i instantly remembered this exfoliating pad that i bought about 3 months ago. Although i i am not hirsute i got interested in this product the moment i saw it on display at Kathiawar. Its not a razor, its not peel off wax strips, its not wax nor is it one of those smelly creams.

Satin Pure Exfoliating Hair Removal Pads review

Then how does this little wonder work !!!  i will enlighten you folks:) This is pretty famous and prevalent in the western countries. I once heard it from my friends and when the other day i was just browsing through the racks my friend happened to tell me that, its the very same thing that her aunt uses to remove hair from her chin area. And that too with ZERO PAIN !!!! Yes ladies ZERO PAIN REMOVAL PROCESS !!! I can see jaws dropping. So did mine when i used it for the first time.
Its oh-so-smooth exfoliating action is due to the ‘super fine silicone crystals’

Satin exfolaiting pads review

What the company claims :

Say goodbye to ingrown hairs with Satin Pure exfoliating hair removal pads. The secret is the super fine silicone crystals that gently buff away hairs AND dead skin cells from legs, under arms, even delicate areas. The result? caress-ably soft skin in minutes.
  • Price : 180 Rs MRP (comes with 4 each replacement pads).


How to remove facial hair+Satin Pure Exfoliating Hair Removal Pads

  •  Packaging : It comes in  convenient, travel friendly pouch. Which has 2 different sizes of the pads. One bigger one for larger areas like legs, thigh, hands etc. Another smaller one which is for smaller areas like the bikini line too(yup i heard people use it for bikini area too, i never have dared though). They have even provided with 4 each replacement pads for both the sizes. You just need to peel of the previous one and attach the fresh one.
  • Usage : Just rotate in circular motion (clockwise) 4 times and then anti cock wise 4 times. You will see fine particles i am guessing its the exfoliated skin and hair. Once done clean the area with damp cloth and moisturize well. It can be used once a week. Using it more than once can cause irritation of the skin.
  • Cleaning: Just wipe the surface of the pad with wet cloth and its ready to be used again. You need to change the pad once you feel its not exfoliating anymore.

Satin Pure Exfoliating Hair Removal Pads review


My experience with Satin Pure Exfoliating Hair Removal Pads


Its very affordable and easy to use.I have used it on leg area which is where i have some hair that ‘can be exfoliated’. And i was truly amazed with the results. In just flat 3 mins i had my legs smooth and totally void of any hair. And that too painlessly and no mess at all. And i did this while watching TV so i did-not even have to pay much attention and sit down with jars and spatulas business !! I used it on my under arms next and it was equally good. Just that one has to keep the hands up and use it, which might be a wee bit of discomfort. And for 180 buck you get so many times of usage which is just fab. I have used the bigger one thrice till now and its still good. The surface is not at all abrasive, its like the buffing board  we get for our nails.

Satin hair removal pads review +Satin Pure Exfoliating Hair Removal Pads

  • Cons :Availability is a major issue. You will be able to get it at places which stock foreign skin care brands. This one is made in China though 😀
  • Would i buy it again : Definitely yes.
So do try and let me know how you find it.
Oh btw i have Lush’s Cup Cake mask on right now, i tasted it and its like dark chocolate-bitter sweet !!


    • Sorry. i missed out on the amazon query. delivery time is good. there are no individual sellers there. and till we reach checkout page we wouldn’t know if the item can be shipped to india or not !! they don’t ship sprays,polishes…too many shipping restrictions. and hefty delivery charges. if i go on it would become a post in itself 🙂 . Its suitable if you want to ship to a US address and get someone to courier/fetch it to you. cos stuff is amazing i still like it . but would shop only if someone can fetch it for me. my brother and cousins live there. so…:). BTW i think has free shipping to india. for limited period. check it out. try too. some stuff is good,if not all

  1. Zara i check it just now on ebay and it is of Rs 450 there..Mitra…meko chaiye..Kahthiiiiiwaarr is going to fall short of them.:P

  2. Oh wow my review is up.. :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: its good for hands and legs like wide surface you might want to try it… 450 on ebay !!!!

    I wanted to show you guys how this works and i chased my brother to model his hand for this..he just ran away giving me weird and threatening looks !!

  3. i have it…….and have tried it also……..but i found it too time consuming…also i found it to be effective only on fine hair….

      • yes zara i checked the link..thx a lot……..but its online shopping…..and u knw how scared i m… this site ok…order kar du….
        btw i m also using schwarzkopf shampoo……….since past 5 years…..and it has never given me any hair fall……it rather sduits my hair ….i love it…..i m using moisture kick,,,,,which one r u using….

        • hey this is quite a coincidence! i also use moisture kick..i was using repair rescue till last year and then switched to this after lush got over..its fab na? have u used their hair serum spray?

          DOnt worry re Doc…this site delivers on tim ewithout any trouble..just try once..

            • haan..i do use a loreal serum..i dunno the name but its the transparent purple bottle wala…is that the same?

              ive heard that schwarx wala is better..m plannin t try that next.. 🙂

  4. I agree..Ze i checked the UT link..magar expensive hai na 850 something !!! I am currently using a Systems Professional Shampoo which is also 900 abhi ke liye i’m not ordering anything expensive for my ‘jhaadoo hair’

  5. not till now..will wait for my SP shampoo to get finished and then switch to something new..maybe TIGI one this time..this guy at Naturals SPA had suggested this SP system for my dull-lack luster-scanty hair

  6. haan 450 is too expensive..what if it doesnot work for you…pune must be havng so many foreign brands ka shop na..check it out..Korean and Japanese skin care products jahan milte hain..wahin pe mil jayega shayad

  7. Okay..i have to make a list of my reviews now..Colorbar conealor, SP shampoo..that i will do it after a week more. its just been a week since i started using it.

  8. O ya i will definitely send u pics….. actually this packing, unpacking and then the jetlag ne jaan le li hai….. phew :struggle:

  9. How quick is the regrowth or when does one need a repeat exfoliation keeping in mind regular growth pattern….with waxing I am satin smooth for 6 weeks.

  10. Adaa i think each one has different regrowth patterns na so i;m not quite sure..actually i have never even got any waxing sorry i wouldnt know…for me it took 4 weeks for hair to start showing those black tips…eeh..did you get what i said??

  11. OMG Mitra! what the hell….. it looks like a blessing for us ………
    did you mean that one pad can be used for more than one session of hair removal??? :jittery: :jittery:

  12. hii ,,, this thing sounds amazing :tap-dance:

    can anybody tell me where can i find these in noida or is there any online option for buying….

  13. Heyyy i wantttttttt it…. any1 plzzzzzz help…y arent such products sold in india :/ damn
    nd dat too at such a steal price..!!!!! Oh God…y dint i c dis bfore!! Thanxxx fr such a awsum review on ur blog.. bt how do i get it


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