Sattvik Sun Ban Remedy for Tan Removal Review


Sattvik Sun Ban Remedy for Tan Removal Review

A year back, while I was in junior college I had to do a lot of field work and keep moving under the sun for long hours. This gave me severe tan as I never reapplied my sun protection lotion because my friends would laugh at me. This took a toll on my complexion and it looked darker and patchy and whoever saw me suggested me to get my face bleached. However bleach as we all know peels the top layer of the skin thus exposing the inner delicate part which makes the skin more prone to damage in the long run. Thus I wanted a nice pack which would help me revive my skin tone when I found this online. Keep reading to find whether it works or not.

Sattvik Sun Ban Remedy

About Sattvik Sun Ban Remedy for Sun Tan Removal:-

This saffron and turmeric based cream is a one of its kind formulation to remove epidermal sun tan. It restores natural fairness and gives you a spotless complexion. It evens skin tone and removes marks of all kinds. It is exceptionally effective in protecting your skin from sun burn, blemishes and pigmentation thereby giving it a healthy, radiant non oily look.

Price: INR249 for 100 gms

Sattvik Sun Ban Remedy description

Smell and consistency: This pack smells strongly like infusion of essential oils and has a creamy and non dripping base.

Packaging: It’s decently packed in a plastic tub which is definitely not a convenient one while applying the pack. I scoop out the amount I require each time so that I do not put wet fingers into the tub by mistake.

My experience with Sattvik Sun Ban Remedy for Sun Tan Removal:-

When I received the parcel I was a little hesitant about using the product as the company has only mentioned the key ingredients but then it was an experimental product for me so I went ahead with this. After cleansing the face I scooped out a little from the tub and applied it on the face using upward motion and left it like that for 20 minutes as directed. Even after 20 minutes the pack does not get dried up so I waited for another 10 minutes or so. Even then the pack does not dry up fully as it’s in the form of a cream so I had to use a wet towel to wipe it off. Let me tell you that removing this pack needs a lot of patience as it’s creamy and needs ample amount of water too so a wet towel makes this task much simpler.

Sattvik Sun Ban

On cleaning the face, what I get is clear complexion and the tan gets removed to a certain extent in one use. Though they have instructed that this pack is to be used daily for best results but I found that time consuming so used this every three days and within four uses I got my face free of tan. Now I use it whenever I get tanned or otherwise once in two weeks.

Sattvik Sun Ban handswatch

But there is another side of the story. This pack effectively removes facial tan but does not show same results on other parts of the body. I tried this on my upper hands but could not see and difference in the complexion in just four uses but had to keep using this for sometime to get better results. The reason may be that my hands were more severely tanned. Still I would call Sattvik Sun Ban a true life savior. It’s organic and effective at such an affordable price.

What I like about Sattvik Sun Ban Remedy for Tan Removal:

  • Removes tan in a few uses
  • Makes the skin soft
  • Makes the skin glowing
  • Does not dry out the skin
  • Has a strong but pleasant smell
  • Can be used everyday
  • Hypoallergic
  • Suites all skin types and all ages
  • 100% vegetarian
  • !00%organic
  • Sattvik does not test on animals
  • Sattvik donates money towards poor people

What I don’t like about Sattvik Sunban Remedy for Tan Removal:

  • Takes time to work on severe tan
  • Available only online

Overall verdict:

In all I would recommend this tan removal remedy to all whoever has sun burns and tanned skin and needs a safe and effective product. This removes the tan and clears complexion effectively as claimed even though results may vary from person to person. Still it’s purely organic so there is no harm giving it a try after all a friend in need is a friend indeed. Hope this works for you too. Till then bye!!!

 WiseShe Rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried Sattvik Sun Ban Remedy for Tan Removal?

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  1. I suffer from a severe sun allergy and tanning even after slathering sunscreen repeatedly is an everyday occurrence. I am certainly going to try this!

    • ya do try this to get rid of tans. Nivanya why don’t you try sunblocks instead of sunscreen as the former needs less frequent reapplication . i did this small change in my skin routine and have seen miraculous difference in the way my skin behaves under the sun 🙂


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