Saturday Spotlight-5 Amazing Flowers and their Principal Usage for Beauty and Health


Hi ladies!



We all, like countless other things, have a special place in our heart for flowers. From alluring beauty and amazing fragrances to excellent benefits for skin and health. There are numerous usage of flowers to enhance beauty and health. Perhaps, you guys are unaware of the amazing benefits of flowers of various kinds of purposes.


Here, I have listed  5 of the most popular flowers used for beauty and health. Please keep on reading to know more.


Whenever we talk about the most beautiful flower, then only one name flashes in our mind is the ROSE. Rose is loaded with anti oxidant and skin friendly properties. Rose is great for skin lightening and instant glow. The most easiest way to get its benefits is using rose water spray religiously. It deeply hydrates your skin and prevent the free radicals as well. You can directly use rose petal powder on your face for instant rosy glow.




Marigold for skin? Yes, you heard it right. Marigold is one of the most commonly used flower in India. It is a symbol of goodwill and purity in Hindu Culture. Marigold is great detoxifier as well. Marigold is a amazing ingredient to remove tan and boost glow of your skin.



Mix some marigold petal’s pest/powder with coconut oil and sandalwood powder and apply it on your face and wash it off after 15 minutes. It improves skin texture to a great extent. If you are someone who has sensitive skin like me then you must add this amazing recipe in your skin care regime.



Lotus flower is national flower of India. It represents the elements of earth. We often see it also symbolises the religious side of Hindu culture. Lotus has 3 types-white, pink and Blue. In ancient times, women used to apply blue lotus paste to slow down the ageing process and to get flawless skin. It is rich is minerals and antioxidants which is great to achieve youthful skin.



Lotus has soothing and stress relieving properties. Consuming lotus flower infused tea helps in detoxification of the lever and it reduces cholesterol as well.


If I address ‘Hibiscus’ as a Miracle Flower than It shouldn’t be steep, right? The Hibiscus is a god sent remedy for us and has various usage for hair and skin. My Aunt used to apply hibiscus flower paste on her hair and after years her hair still looks shiny and black.


Hibiscus promotes hair growth to a great extent. There are various ways of hibiscus usage. You can use hibiscus infused oil or hibiscus hair packs to get Thick and  long and problem free hair.




Hibiscus is also great for your brows too. for fuller looking brows, take some juice of hibiscus leaves and apply it on to your brows religiously. Hibiscus tea also helps to get hydrated and joint aches.




Lavender flower is basically used in the form of essential oil. Lavender has soothing, cooling and healing properties. Lavender is great for both hair and body.


Lavender is widely used to treat restlessness, Insomnia, anxiety and even depression. Although, lavender has a very strong fragrance that bothersome sensitive noses. In the winters, I use Lavender infused oil to rescue my dry and damage hair. It reduces hair loss and prevent flaking onto the scalp.


These are few benefits of flowers that adds and beauty and wellness to your skin and health respectively. I hope you liked this article and if you know more about these please let me know in the comment section, I would love to hear from you 🙂



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