Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa Review


Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa

Hi beauties,

I think clean feet are a mirror to your personality, and if I see someone with crooked dirty looking, dry, unkempt, chipped nail paint, unruly nails kind of feet, I make my judgements! Sorry for being so judgmental. But it is a fact, people with crooked feet have a similar personality. You can always change that outlook, by keeping the feet clean, engaging in regular pedicures and keeping feet moisturized.

By far, my lovely mother has the most beautiful feet I have ever come across. She does not have to do much effort except she does indulge in pedicures at the salon and her daily scrubbing during the bath. In fact I owe it to her, that I have a decent looking pair 😉

Thus for my foot obsession, I bought this!

Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa

About Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa

Prepare and treat your feet with the Pink Colour Pop Foot Spa from Scholl. The new differentiated design has three combined functions for total foot relaxation: Vibration to invigorate your feet, bubbles for a soothing massage and maintained heat for complete comfort. This pink foot spa also comes with three attachments for complete foot care and pampering: A relaxing acupressure roller to relieve sore feet, invigorating massage rollers to refresh tired feet and a rejuvenating pumice stone which exfoliates feet and keeps them soft.

Scholl Feet Foot Spa

Key Features-

  • New differentiated design with three attachments for complete foot care and pamper
  • Relaxing bubbling massage
  • Maintains temperature for full comfort – you should add water into the spa at your desired temperature
  • Accunode basin & heel pad
  • Foot rest with drainage holes to allow feet to drip dry without fuss
  • Waterproof control
  • Pour spout for easy emptying and prevention of spills
  • Full pedicure tool kit included

Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa review

My experience with Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa:

I usually trust Scholl products and I also believe that I do not have to raise my expectations from its products 😛

However, what can go wrong with a foot spa tub, I mean they all work in the same manner with little differences here and there.

The foot spa is simple to operate, you need to add water-warmish as you feel comfortable with, since the tub does not make the water any hotter! It says that it keeps the water warm! But I doubt that. Also, you cannot add any salts or soap to this tub as it will ruin the tub. Sad part! Wish I knew this before.

Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa tubScholl Feet Treat Foot Spa tub

The foot spa then starts to send bubbles and that is a very relaxing feeling. I would forget all the little problems it has. There is also a water proof switch off button which is a boon, because you won’t get a shock if you use your toe submerged in water earlier. There is also a roller massager in built in the tub and a removable pumice stone which fits on the top and you could just rub your heals and toes on it! I think that’s a very unique idea.

The foot spa comes with a little pedicure kit, which contains two wooden cuticle pushers, cuticle scissors, toe separators, etc. I like these little things; they just add so much the pedicure. I mean I could use them all 😉

The foot spa is pink in color, which may not be liked by all. I quite like it, it is quite girlie. Except when my Husband puts his feet in for a massage 😉

Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa tub reviewScholl Feet Treat Foot Spa tub review

Another aspect I noticed which is that you should not use it more than 20 minutes as it might over heat the motor, now that’s a sad part. I have to time myself literally to get out from this relaxing foot spa.

Over all, I like this tub a lot; it gives me a lot of relaxing moments after a long tiring day. I would keep using it until one day I blow it off due to excessive use!

What I like about Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa?

  • It is easy to use,
  • Water proof in built button to prevent shocks,
  • Nice pedicure kit to help you beautify your feet!
  • Reasonable,
  • Air bubbles make you relaxed,
  • The pumice stone attachment is a unique idea,
  • Attractive looking tub,
  • Relaxes your feet after a long tiring day,
  • Is a must for people who like clean feet 😉 now who does not!!!

What I don’t like about Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa?

  • Does not keep the water warm, in fact makes it only cooler!
  • Cannot be used for more than 20 minutes!
  • Cannot use salts or foamy soaps 🙁
  • Comes only in one color- hot pink which is not favorable by the boys in my house!

Rating: 4/5

Will I recommend?- Well, I will say yes as it is easy to use and if you have anything better than this may be then you may skip it!

Have you tried Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa?

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