Scholl Refreshing Foot Soak Review


Scholl Refreshing Foot Soak

I am sure we all love the rainy season so much..who wouldn’t love to enjoy hot cups of coffee with garamagaram snacks.. I love the rainy season for another reason, you can wear all sorts of neon shades of apparels without making people raise their eyebrows.. I feel it makes the rainy season more colourful..well along with all these goodies… I feel very sorry for my feet & shoes which has to suffer stashing through rainy water. I decided to treat my feet a bit and thought of giving it a nice refreshment at home.


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I was quite excited when I saw the  Scholl refreshing foot soak at a near by medical store and grabbed it to give a try..

About Scholl Refreshing Foot Soak:-

Scholl refreshing foot soak is specially formulated to relax,cleanse and invigorate tired& aching feet. The hydrating agents render the skin soft,smooth and hydrated.

  • Relaxes

  • cleanses

  • Invigorates

  • Price:  Rs. 150 .You can get it online.
  • Quantity:100ml


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Discover the essentials for happy, healthy feet with Village Naturals Foot EssentialsTM, A blend of Epsom Salt, Minerals and Essential Oils of Cucumber and Peppermint helps alleviate sore muscles, soften skin and improve circulation to leave your feet feeling healthy and energized. For best results, use with Foot Essentials TM Scrub, Balm and Intense Cream, We never test on animals or use animal-derived ingredients.

Directions for Use:

Mix cap full of contents in lukewarm water. Immerse your feet for 10-15 minutes until they feel completely relaxed. Dry your feet with care.

My experience with the Scholl Refreshing Foot Soak :-


I am a kind of person who is obsessed about keeping my feet and hands clean all the time. I clean my hands and feet quite often in a day and even a slight feeling of dirt makes me run for cleaning.  I love to soak my feet after a tiring day (more often after shopping).



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When I saw this refreshing foot soak, I felt a kind of refreshing feeling for my feet and I decided to buy this. The product comes in a nice transparent tube packing with a white flip cap. The liquid is a nice blue coloured one with a running kind of consistency visible from the pictures.


Scholl Refreshing Foot Soak Review Package+foot lotion


Once a cap full of the liquid is added to lukewarm water it mixes very easily and also foams when slightly whisked with hand.. I prefer adding a little bit of a rock salt also to the warm water..may be its just a matter of practice that we have been following for ages.


scholl Refreshing foot soak+foot cream


The feeling of soaking tired feet in the liquid with warm water is amazing.. After about 15- 20 minutes, I slightly scrub it up with a pumice stone  and wash feet thoroughly with plain luke warm water.. This is followed by generous application of moisturizing lotion. My feet feels squeaky clean and neat after this procedure..  All in all it’s a decent buy, which you can give a try atleast once..


Scholl Refreshing Foot Soak Review Usage+foot care


 What I like about Scholl Refreshing Foot Soak:

  • Decently priced
  • Easily available across stores
  • Refreshes feet
  • Leaves feet smelling nice

What I don’t like about Scholl Refreshing Foot Soak:

  • Nothing as such..because it’s a decent product with a decent price..

Wise she Rating:  4/5

Have you tried Scholl Refreshing Foot Soak ?



  1. wow.. this is something I can try… Easy to use and relaxing your feet also relax your mind 😉

    Thanks for reviewing this Gkaur 🙂

  2. scholl has some amazing foot care range 🙂 I love to soak my feet after a tiring day and this is something I can’t resist :p thanx fo the review kaur 🙂


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