Scholl’s New Foot & Nail Cream Review


School Foot Care Product Review

I have heard great things about Scholl’s foot care products and when my Fab India avocado foot cream got over I picked it up from healthkart where it is of INR 170 instead of its MRP of 185 .On top of that Healthkart doesn’t charge shipping so I always prefer them over any H& G shop nowadays.


Scholl Foot & Nail Cream reviews (2)


What the product claims:-

  • Prevents the build up of hard skin and callus
  • Protects from drying & cracking
  • Immediate 100% boast in hydration & Improved Skin Elasticity
  • Long Lasting – 24 hour intensive Moisturisation
  • Dermatologically Tested. Suitable for sensitive skin.


How to use foot cream


Regularly apply the cream in the morning & evening on clean, dry feet. Gently massage into the skin, in particular the heels. For best results use with Scholl Rough Skin Remover.




  • For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not apply to broken bleeding skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.




Aqua, Pumice, Paraffin, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearic Acid, Cera Alba, Cetyl Esters, Vaccinium Myrtillus, Saccharum Officinarum, Acer Saccharum, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis, Citrus Medica Limonum, Lactic Acid, Tromethamine, Parfum, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben.


Scholl Foot & Nail Cream review


My experience and liked of Scholl’s New Foot & Nail Cream


  • Though it’s a foot cream but I have used it as hand cream also because of its non-greasy tendency.It never makes me feel greasy no matter how much I lather it on.Keeps my feet hydrated and soft and sinks into the skin with in seconds.I need just pea size of the product to moisturize my feet this might be because I don’t have dry and  parched feet.
  • I like to scrub my feet often and when I lather them up with this cream it makes them look soft and supple.As the cream  sinks into the feet easily so very less of dust gets attracted to it and I do not have to walk around for some 5-10 minutes with my slipper on to avoid the dust scene.
  • Scholl’s though claims it as a nail cream but I am not that impressed with that.I still suffer from dry cuticle even if I apply it on my nails every night instead of this I  would any time recommend bert’s bees cuticle cream.
  • Cream helps in healing cracks but does take bit of time .
  • It comes in a flip top tube packaging which makes it travel friendly though white packaging gets dirty easily
  • One cream will last for two months easily if used every day.
  • Scholl products are easily available online as well in market.
What I do not like about Scholl’s New Foot & Nail Cream
  • I wish it could smell like burt’s bees creams and had some sun protection.
  • Won’t work much for cuticles
  • I wish it could have almond oil or olive oil as one of its ingredients too which would have made it more moisturizing and organic too.


It’s a thick consistency product and doesn’t give any greasy feeling.

Scholl Foot & Nail Cream reviews


Will I recommend it to others –  Certainly! It’s a decently  price product and will work on most skin type and in all seasons.It’s even better than Fab India Avocado foot cream


Wise She Rating :-

  • Price – 5/5
  • Effectiveness – 4/5
  • Packaging – 4/5
  • Availability – 4/5
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  1. nice review ana. i like the fact that it gets obsorbed easily…coz like u mentioned am afraid of greasy creams attracting dirt as i walk

  2. I am using Scholl’s foot soak and I love its smell.
    I am using the Fab india foot cream and loving it.
    I am also using the Burts bees cream and LOVING IT.

    Last winter I had such a horrible time with dryness, this year you can send me to North pole , I am that well stocked with mositurising creams. 😛

  3. There are a couple of Scholl’s stuff that I wanna try from healthkart and this was on my list…I am glad to know its grease-free…what other scholl products are worth trying?

  4. looks nice…. anamika where to find krack radiant moisturizer and burt’s bees cuticle cream, have not seen these products anywhere

  5. Nice review. I am going to try this on my feet as I have hard skin which is causing pain.

    Can I apply this cream on the top layer of my leg (foot)? I currently use Nervz Foot Cream by Intas as per my doctor advice.

    The composition of this cream and that of Nervz is almost same. Nervz contains allantoin, dimeticone and urea.


  6. Hi,

    I just wanted to do a correction in your spelling “I wish it could smell like bert’s bees creams and had some sun protection”, it is Burt Bees. 🙂


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