Schwarzkopf Schauma Repair and Pflege Shampoo and Conditioner Review


Schwarzkopf Schauma Repair and Pflege Shampoo and Conditioner


Hello my lovely ladies,

Hope you are all doing great. I am not at all fine, down with viral fever and eye infection for the past one week. Working on laptop, staring at phone, watching T.V is strictly prohibited. Yet, it is not possible to stay away from Wiseshe for long, especially when I am unwell; I crave for Wiseshe and spicy food like anything.
I am warned not to use any makeup for at least a month. So these few days, I’ll write on skin care products and on other topics. My brother, on his trip from Germany, bought me some skin care and hair care products. It has been months I am using them, so I guess it is right time to review.

Today’s review is on the much raved Schauma Shampoo and Conditioner. My brother got me their Repair and Pflege shampoo and conditioner.


Scahuma Repair and Pflege shampoo conditioner


About Schauma Repair and Pflege Shampoo and Conditioner:

Schauma Repair & Care with Shea Butter & Coconut-Extract deeply repairs damaged hair. It brings back vitality to the dry hair. It maintains, repairs, and regenerates damaged hair. It smoothes hair‘s structure, reduces split ends and maintains it’s natural shine.


  • The Shampoo gently cleans the hair and leaves it healthy-looking
  • Smoothens and nourishes the hair structure
  • Strengthens the hair by intensively caring down to the tips
  • Coconut and Shea Butter are rich in fatty acids that replenish the hair
  • For visibly regenerated, supple and healthy hair full of shine


  • The Conditioner eases up the combing and untangles the hair knots
  • Smoothens and nourishes the hair structure, removes hair cracks.
  • Strengthens the hair by intensively caring down to the tips
  • Coconut and Shea Butter are rich in fatty acids that replenish the hair
  • For up to 3x better combability and visibly regenerated, healthy hair.

Hair type:- Damaged & dry hair

Price:- Around 8$ each for 250 ml shampoo and conditioner.

Packaging:- They come in squeeze tubes with flip-top caps. The shampoo is white in color with a runny consistency, whereas the conditioner has a balanced consistency and can be easily squeezed off. The shampoo and the conditioner smell divine, not at all strong and feel really nice.


My take on Schauma Repair and Pflege Shampoo and Conditioner:

I love Dove and Matrix hair care products, but for a change I have been using this Schauma shampoo and conditioner for last 3 months.

Shampoo:- Upon opening the bottle I get a mild and very soothing and pleasant fragrance, of shea-butter mainly. It is not at all over powering and lingers for hours.

The shampoo lathers well and cleanses easily. The texture is too runny and often slips out of palm and fingers. The shampoo gives a squeaky clean feel in just one wash.


Schwarzkopf Scahuma Shampoo


Conditioner:- Same beautiful fragrance. Texture is soft and thus it is very easy to apply. After washing, hair becomes easy to comb, soft and manageable.


Schwarzkopf Scahuma Conditioner


Both together:- As per nourishing and adding shine to my hair, they really did a good job. They give my hair a clean and fresh feel and it feels silky and bouncy. I can see a beautiful shine on my hay-like hair, it looks much healthy.

After using almost 2 bottles, I can say, it has not done anything extraordinary, on a long term basis, to my hair dryness and split ends. For treating my super dry hair, I need a conditioner which is dense and super creamy. My hair feels soft only the day I shampoo and returns to its normal dry texture again in a day or two.

But I am okay with it, because I have to wash my hair on alternate days to get rid of the dirt and pollution that accumulates. So after every wash, my hair again becomes lovely, soft and shinny.

Split ends remedy? No. And I don’t think any other shampoo can actually get you rid of split ends. The only solution is “Scissors”.


Scahuma Shampoo and Conditioner swatch


Summing up my Likes and Dislikes:-

What I like about Schauma Repair and Pflege Shampoo and Conditioner:

  • Love the smell that leaves my hair with an amazing fresh feel.
  • The shampoo is very gentle and cleansed my hair perfectly without over drying.
  • Moisturized my frizzy hair, leaving them soft and smooth.
  • Adds a beautiful shine to hair.
  • Hair looks healthier.
  • Coconut and Shea butter helps in nourishing my hair.
  • Conditioner eases the combing procedure.
  • Gentle enough to use it every day.
  • Come in travel friendly packaging.
  • I think it is decently priced as I don’t mind paying more for good products.

What I don’t like about Schauma Repair and Pflege Shampoo and Conditioner:

  • I wish the conditioner was creamier.
  • The shampoo is of runny consistency. It’s always a pity when such a costly and dear shampoo slips through the fingers and thus leads to wastage. L
  • Availability.

Final Thoughts:- It is a decent product and is widely raved. These are great if you have normal to slightly dry hair. I gave this to my cousin sis. She has slightly dry hair with oily scalp and she loves it to the core. Even I love it. It is much much better than most of the shampoos and conditioner available in Indian market. I’ll keep on buying and using them whenever I can. I am already hoarding, in case brother stops visiting Germany 😛

There are lots of variants of Schauma shampoos and conditioners, get one for yourself whenever you visit Europe, especially when you are in Germany or ask a friend to get a set for you , if he/she visits.

Rating:- 4/5

Have you tried Schauma Repair and Pflege Shampoo and Conditioner?

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  1. DO you have any more of the conditioner? I am trying to by some online….having a hard time finding it. I live in Dubai and come back to the US every summer.


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