Scientific Approach Behind IWB Weight Loss Program


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Happy Weekend 🙂 ! What plans for the weekend ? I am desperately waiting for the movie – Kick, hawts for Salman you see 😉

I am very happy today, IWB has turned one ! Thanks to the entire WiseShe team and awesome readers who have showered love on IWB. This post was never planned but I wanted you to meet someone and could not wait ! If you read IWB, you would know her.

Meet Caitlin

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Caitlin is a lovely girl from United States who was obese 3 years back and is now a bombshell. How did she do it ? By the way, she is a vegetarian if you thought she could eat what we Indians can’t.

She defeated her excess weight the same way like Kanan did !



Scientific Approach Behind IWB Weight Loss Program

Both Kanan and Caitlin belong to two different age groups and two different nationalities but the approach behind their weight loss success is the same. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non vegetarian, you can lose weight using the same scientific approach of Low carbing.

Some of the people emailed me they can eat healthy themselves since they what is good or bad, then why do they need us ! Let me try to answer it.

We, Indians consume approximately 250-500 grams of carbs daily and the range is really that wide. We are so dependent on grains that we can’t even think of a meal without roti or rice. In such a scenario, we can not follow Low carbing without a mentor!

We opened registrations last week , check here and there are just a few seats remaining. Last time, we opened registrations only after 2 months of announcing the plan due to huge turnout.

So hurry up, join us now ! To know more, email us at [email protected]

Please be assured that in case where you follow our plan to the T and don’t lose weight, we will return your money back !

Also, check out Indian Weight Loss Blog here

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  1. What a remarkable difference in both the cases!
    Iam sure most of us wants to grab each and every chance where we get to shed some weight.
    Kudos IWB, way to go :-*

  2. Congratulations Tarun n Anamika n the entire team of IWB 🙂 U guys r doing a grt job.. N it is so inspiring to see such motivated people 🙂

    Btw I have decided ven I visit India dis Diwali, m gonna ask all my ‘healthy’ friends/ relatives to this program 😀


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