Scorpio Eye Makeup


Eye Makeup For Scorpio:-

Hi beauties. As promised, I am here with the next look I zodiac. Scorpio starts from October 23rd to November 21st. i have tried to make it look as easy as possible. I hope all you scorpions out there like this one. Scorpion women are exceptionally beautiful. Almost all heroines today who are considered exquisite are Scorpios.

The lucky colors for Scorpio are red and white. The metals are iron and steel.

Pink eye makeup tutorial

Zodiac Scorpio Eye Makeup Look+make up

Pink and silver eye makeup for brown eyes

Zodiac Scorpio Eye Makeup Look Tut+eyemakeup

Products used for Eye Makeup:-

1. Homemade eye shadow primer
2. Lakme radiance compact
3. Random eye shadows
4. Dazzler mascara
5. A black pencil
6. Elle 18 black out liner

Eye Makeup Step By Step:-

1. Apply primer on to your lids and fill in your brows. Black works best in this case
2. Apply shadow no 1 on 1/4th of the inner eye lid and also near tear duct area. Its pure white and this will open up your eyes.
3. Next apply shadow no 2 in the remaining part but leave out the crease. Blend into the white and use shadow no 3. Its dark pink but after adding shadow 3 it looks redder. It’s peach in colour.
4. Apply shadow no 4 in the outer v and into the crease. Use shadows no 5 to blend to make it darker and a bit brick red in shade.
5. Now apply shadow no 6 on the lower lash line up to half and blend with shadow no 5. Fill the next half with shadow no 7 which is bronze.
6. Apply the thinnest lie possible on your lower and upper lash lines using a pencil or gel liner or liquid liner. Curl your lashes and add mascara.

pink eye makeup eyeshadow suggestions

Tada… you are done. This is not as vampirish I hope. It looks really good actually and not at all over the top. This can be used in any evening wear makeup and if you need remove white and replace with nude shadow to have a natural blend. I used a nude brown lip color with this and applied peach to get my honey brown eyes look more pronounced. My eyes look darker here because there wasn’t enough light for several days and they were too cloudy .

Did you like my scorpio eye makeup ? Do let me know in the comment section

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  1. WOW Dharani.. Another superb EOTD.. So beautiful .. and yeah even I wanna see you doing LEO step by step.. <3 impressive dear 😀 :yes:

    Do share your homemade Primer :))

        • awww thanks so much sush lease do one eye look on your beautiful peepers 🙂 and my primer is a bit different from the one ana di did but i think it works just fine 🙂 will definitely share mine

          i have decided not to wait for net month but finish all eotd’s as soon as possible because other wise for leo you would have to wait next august 🙂


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