Scunci InstaTwist Braiding Styler Review


Scunci InstaTwist Braiding Styler

Hi beauties,

I think I can safely say that I love anything to do with hair and its accompanying tools. I am back again with a very interesting product known as the Insta Twist. You are never too old for braids and angel braids are such a trend. I would love to do that, but all goes in vain as I lack patience to do it.

Scunci InstaTwist Braiding Styler

Let me show this cool product which will help you achieve all kinds of braids in just a jiffy!

About Scunci InstaTwist Braiding Styler

Create quick and easy twists and braid effects with this innovative and fun hair styling tool Insta Twist. You can create unique, twisted and braided effect hairstyles effortlessly.

Create on-trend boho updos, pretty plaits, vintage headbands and much more. Easy & fun to use. Suitable for travel and use on-the-go. Battery Operated (2x AA Batteries Included). Complete with 50 polybands to secure your twist and braid hairstyles. 3 Year Guarantee.

Scunci InstaTwist Braiding Styler review

What’s in the box?

  • 1x InstaTwist Styler
  • 50x Polybands
  • 2x AA Batteries
  • Information Booklet

Price: £30 at Boots

My Experience with Scunci InstaTwist Braiding Styler

The tool is battery operated, there is no heat element which means it is also safe for the lil ones. I wish I had a doll to dress up 😉 Anyhow, this braid twister is just wonderful, you don’t have to worry about knotting your hair. The process is simple, in the two clamps just insert two ends of hair and twist it, then press the button down and viola, get a beautiful braid. Of course the clamps are small, therefore you cannot hold a lot of hair into it.

Scunci InstaTwist Braiding Styler price

There are lot of videos done online using the Insta twist by scunci, they exactly show how to achieve fishtail braids or even milk maid braids. I usually like doing smallish braids on the sides and it makes hair so manageable and pretty. Everyone asks me how I do it 😉

I think the insta twist goes with medium to long kinds of hair length , because you do need hair to get your selves some serious braids.

Scunci InstaTwist Braiding Styler packaging

The insta twister comes with 2 AA batteries which need to be screwed into place and then only it will function. So you need to screw the pin and insert batteries, bit of a pain!

The twister comes with 50 clear poly bands to hold the twists, which is neat, otherwise I would have to buy them separately. There are a lot of videos which are done online and lot of other bloggers have reviewed this, some of them are really cool I think. I got so inspired that I ordered this fun tool.

Overall, this is a fun tool. And will be loved by all age groups. You can use these at weddings, festivals, parties or even just like that. I would pick up another for my niece I think. She will probably like this.

Scunci InstaTwist Braiding Styler braid

The price point is okay, a bit expensive, but I think since it really works and does not knot your hair, it’s a great buy. I would recommend it.

What I like about Scunci InstaTwist Braiding Styler?

  • Easy to make braids,
  • Is suitable for all age groups,
  • Makes fishtail braids,
  • Lot of videos on you tube for inspiration,
  • Perfect for a festival look,
  • Comes with clear polybands to hold the twists,

What I don’t like about Scunci InstaTwist Braiding Styler?

  • Does not knot hair,
  • Make beautiful braids in minutes!
  • Cannot take a lot of hair at once, thus only small braids,
  • Have to screw the top to insert batteries.

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried Scunci InstaTwist Braiding Styler braid?

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