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Having a large-ish bust, I always struggle with V-necks and scoop necks, finding them too low cut for me. In winter I just solve this problem by wearing a camisole (spaghetti strap top) under my tops. But these full length camisoles don’t always work. Firstly, it is way too hot in summer to wear a layer under my clothes – it makes me hot, sweaty and irritated. Plus, when I wear a full camisole under dresses, it always tend to ride upwards and create rolls and folds. Ugh.

I was trying to figure out a way to solve this problem when I came across a company called Second Base that creates demi camisoles i.e., half length camisoles that fit over your bra rather than being full length. According to the company, these are made of a silky soft fabric that is very light and won’t bunch up.


Let me tell you about these camisoles and my experience with them:

1. Ordering experience – I ordered the Sarah demi cami which is a very basic style, just to try it out. However, Second Base does offer a variety of styles including lacy, patterened and sequinned. This is a US based company, so I emailed them to place my order. They replied immediately and I was able to easily place my order via Paypal. Shipping was also very inexpensive – $6 and they shipped my package as soon as I sent the payment. Unfortunately, my package was returned to them as there was some problem in my address details. When I emailed them about my package not arriving, Second Base replied quickly and sent out my package again. This time I received it in just a few days and in perfect condition. They also have a money back guarantee so I wasn’t scared of trying out this cami.


Here’s what the cami looks like:

Second Base demi cami review+ladies clothing

 Front View

Second Base demi cami+clothes for women

Back View

2. Price – I paid $30 for my demi cami. I did think it was a bit expensive, but after using it I feel like it is worth every penny.


3. Fabric and care instructions – The cami is made of 93% modal and 7% spandex. It needs to be hand washed in cold water and then laid flat to air dry. Since it a small item of clothing, it is easy to hand wash and it dries very quickly.


4. My experience wearing these – I have worn this cami both under a sheer top and a dress so far. And I am 100% in love with it. Why?

a) It has adjustable straps so that I can choose the amount of coverage I want from my camisole.

b) It is made of a lightweight fabric. Once I put on the cami, I could barely feel it.

c) It didn’t pinch or poke in any way, nor did it slide up once worn.


Here’s a picture of me wearing this cami under my dress:-


Second Base demi cami review OOTD+women’s clothing


I am not wearing this as much since it is winter and I prefer to wear a sleeveless thermal or synthetic full camisole for warmth in this weather. But once summer arrives, with its lightweight and low cut tops and dresses, I cannot wait to wear this demi cami a lot more and also order some patterned and sequinned styles! I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to cover up without being hot and sticky.


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  1. Perfect buy Ki :yes: , but expensive. :-/
    I too get irritated when my camisoles folds n rolls under my t-shirts/tops. :teeth:

    • They have a crazy variety of colours and styles Tanveer! I hope you end up trying one. It would be perfect for the Indian summers.


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