Sedu Revolution Professional Nano Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron 1 Inch Plate Review


By Reddy ,

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Its been a while since I reviewed anything here and I hope you all are in good spirit ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been planning on a flat iron and a curler for a while. My bro was planning forร‚ย  India vacation butร‚ย  it was taking forever soร‚ย  he just paid this styling ironร‚ย  although Couldn’t avoid the shipping expenses ๐Ÿ™

Sedu Revolution Professional Nano Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron 1 Inch Plate

Now,this beauty took some time to be picked up. I was vacillating between Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron and this one.What’s the difference between the twoร‚ย  ?

Sedu Pro Flat Iron straightens, smoothes and tames hair for sleek style to reveal your hair’s natural shine.(Fromร‚ย  website )ร‚ย  and it was available in 11/2 and 1 inch

While the revolution version has curved edges enabling a user to go for a straight ,wavy or curly look. Thus,it has only a 1 inch plate. In other words it can be used as a curler plus straightener.

Flat Iron reviews

From website:


Our unique polishing process to create a microscopically smooth surface that immediately seals the follicle, gliding through the hair to provide superior shine and straightening ability.


Tourmaline and ceramic optimize the ionic potential of the plates, reducing static and eliminating frizz.


Anti-slip edges capture all the hairs within the plates, preventing them from slipping outside.


Allow for versatility of styling for any look you want รขโ‚ฌโ€œ straight and sleek to waves and curls.


Achieves desired temperature in less than 25 seconds and provides quicker heat recovery time for more consistent styling results.


Hair styling Iron review India

My experience with the flat Iron


This Iron is available in pink and black and sadly pink was not available.It broke my heart but i still went with the black coloured one.


Sedu Revolution Professional Nano Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron 1 Inch Plate review

The iron heats up in a ziffy :).Iร‚ย  switch it on just for 10 secs ( too much heat is not good for hair ) and I find it veryร‚ย  convenient. It has a long long cord which makes the usage easy because don’t have a socket near myร‚ย  dressing unit. When I useร‚ย  a short cord blow dryer I always rush to my mum’ room and nowร‚ย  withร‚ย  this I am kind of relieved .Also,ร‚ย  the swivel cord makes it so effortless to iron hair ๐Ÿ™‚

The temperature can be adjusted easily with a threaded circular button which can getร‚ย  heatedร‚ย  upto 450F ( i would never try this setting anyway ) . And their isร‚ย  on and off systemร‚ย ร‚ย  just below the inner plate,above the heat setting. Its a simple tick-tock square button which moves up and down.

Hair styling Iron review India

Why did I choose Cermaic Hair Straightener

The ceramic hair straightenersร‚ย  glide easily through the hair with no edges that can catch the hair. They also heat up immediately within seconds.
They are thermostatically controlled and maintain a constant even heat throughout their use. The fast heating ceramic element gives you full styling control and creates a negative ion charge that seals in moisture, natural oils and hair color for total hair protection. The simple design also makes them very easy to handle, in straightening terms they are pencil thin making them very light and controllable. A red indicator light flashes as power is pulsed to retain an optimum operating temperature.

Ceramic hair straighteners are microscopically smooth and do a much better job of flattening the hair. They also have a more even heat distribution across the plates surface which means that the whole plate is an even temperature. Heat up and cool down quickly which means that the temperature can be controlled better.


Why Tourmaline ?

Tourmaline, a mineral prized as a beautiful, semi-precious gemstone, has become the focus of studies at universities and research centers worldwide. The reason for the interest is that Tourmaline is a natural source of negative ions and the only mineral to show permanent electricity.When millions of tiny particles of Tourmaline are added to the plate surface of a flat iron the benefits to the hair are astounding. Tourmaline generates negative ions that enhance the texture of the hair and also produces far-infrared heat that effectively dries the hair from the inside out. This makes the excessive heat generated by the iron far less damaging to the hair. OK, a positive result is that my hair is exposed to less damage with Tourmaline.

Final verdict: Am happy ๐Ÿ™‚ Price is steep at 160$ . But its worth the money if you want to protect your hair.

Where did I purchase stylingร‚ย  Iron from

I got it from and myร‚ย  shopping experience was good. I tried Amazon but its a real task to fish for stuff there because they don’t ship every other product internationally. I planned on a curler and iron from same site ad there is no point wasting shipping expenses on two sites. Amazon doesn’t ship tools below 30$ or 40$ andร‚ย  I gathered that from my experience therefore got it from .Shipping was some 30$ ๐Ÿ™


Thermal protectants

One must iron hair or style themร‚ย  without a heat protector. The issue with shopping online for sprays is that they have shipping restrictions on sprays and aerosols. Redken heat glide was the one I desired but its tough to find a site that ships internationally. So I decided on CHI silk infusion. Its an awesome thing. I would say this does a pretty good job though it has a funny smell.

CHI silk infusion hair protector

Price ofร‚ย  Chi Silk Infusion – 1133 INR

I bought it at andร‚ย  as a free gift they sent me Stila Eye Shadow Duo Pan – Terracotta . Although I am not an eyeshadow girl I really liked the color of this and Iร‚ย  tried to emulate anamika’s pic tutorials ๐Ÿ™‚ . These are easier to use than lakme’s .

Stila Eye Shadow Duo Pan - Terracotta review



Stila Eye Shadow Duo Pan eyeshadow - Terracotta


Another purchase from strawberry was Paul mitchell’s gloss drops .Its anร‚ย  anti-frizz

I didn’t use it to a large extent .One has to use like any other anti fizz lotion .Just one or two drop here and thereร‚ย  and it controls that dry frizzy hair look and this too has funny smellร‚ย  ๐Ÿ™ .Citre Shine’s anti-frizz spray laminator is another good one which I heardร‚ย  but sadly they don’t ship sprays .

This is it for now Iร‚ย  will post about the curler from conair in another post.I will request you to please do not use cheap tools onto hair.They come with aluminium plates or some other unsafe material which canร‚ย  damage hair easily .Also a heat protectant is always a must although it doesn’t eliminate the damage but atleast it minimizes it .

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