Selena Gomez Makeup How-To


Selena Gomez Makeup How-To

Hello all my beauty addicts!

How is your weekend going? I have recently been dazzled by Selena Gomez’s works and have been watching her films back to back. Though her Another Cinderella Story (2008) and Monte Carlo (2011) are my THE favorites; her look in the movie Behaving badly (2014) inspired me the most. I had always visualized Selena as the quirky, bubbly girl next door and her roles in both Monte Carlo and another Cinderella story justifies her supposed persona completely.

But enough of the sweet little girl we have a complete how to on Selena Gomez’s sultry, yet very natural makeup looks here. Roll on to know more!

Selena Gomez

1. Use A Primer Potion To Begin With

This tip goes by almost unsaid it s the most important step while creating a makeup look. it helps the foundation to go on very smoothly and make sure your makeup lasts real good!

2. Conceal and Apply A Sheer Foundation.

The best tip from Selena is to conceal only your problem areas. This serves two purposes, you do not need to cake up more than required product, and you cut down the need for heavy foundations. Apply your sheer, light weight foundation in dabbing-patting motions so as to not displace the concealer.

3. Set It All With A Powder

The ready base needs to be set in order to make it look natural and for it to last. Use a (preferably HD) translucent powder for this purpose. Use a small fluffy brush to set in the under-eye concealed makeup and a large brush to apply the powder overall. The main trick is to press the powder into your skin and not sweep it around—we do not want our base to get displaced. I personally prefer using a makeup sponge to press the powder in my skin.


4. Use a Matte Bronzing Powder To Slightly Contour The Cheekbones

Selena has some killer cheek bones and they are generally bronzed to bring out her features all the more prominently. Using a matte bronzing powder, and an angled blush brush, use it slightly under the cheekbones to bring them out, give them some dimension and also add some color to the face.

4. Apply A Pinch of Highlighter On The Light-reflecting Surfaces

Now coming to the Hollywood-superstar effect (which is very easy to attain if you ask me)! Take a shimmery highlighter (which complements your undertones champagnes and rose golds go best with warm Indian skin) and apply it slightly above the cheekbones, on your brow bone, the bridge of your nose and your center upper-lip. You are almost red-carpet ready now if you ask me.

5. Blush Up Those Cheeks

This is completely option, as you may or may not want to add any further color (other than the bronzer) on the cheeks. Though Selena often goes with rosy or peachy hues of pinks for her super-adorable cheeks.


6. Play With Your Brows

One thing if Selena is known for is her strong brow game. I have never seen unruly brows with Selena they are always so well groomed. So if you are looking for a Selena Gomez makeup look, give your brows all the required attention. Fill them in with an ash brown brow pencil and keep it natural by using a brown powder to set it all in.

7. Add A Deep Shade of Purple/ Eggplant On The Center of The Lid

Dark eyes and Selena are almost inseparable. Choose the darkest of the rich purples and eggplant hues of shadows that you can find and place them on the center of the lid. Add little by little and build the color up while blending it outwards and upwards with a very light hand.

8. Define The Crease Using A Shimmery Soft Lavender

The deep eggplant needs to be toned down for a more wearable look using a soft lavender hued shadow on the crease. Make sure to blend both colors in seamlessly so that no harsh lines are visible.

9. Add A Waterproof Eyeliner on the Upper Lash Line and the Water for a Smokey Effect

The best trick of the trade for Selena inspired eyes is to add further dimension to the eyes by adding in some dark kohl or eyeliner onto her upper lash line and into her lower water line.


10. Smudge the Eyeliner Using A Smudger Brush

Selena is famous for her sultry but very feminine makeup and for that effect you need to smudge things out a bit. Using a pencil or smudger brush, blur out the eyeliner from the waterline to create a soft look. Now using the same deep purple eye shadow, line your lower lash line with it.

11. Add on Some Mascara

Complete the eye look using a couple coats of mascara. Wait between each coat (till it gets semi dry) and then re-coat the lashes so as to avoid the clumpy lash or spidery-lash effect.

12. Use a Nude-pink Lipstick and Dab Some Gloss on the Center of the Lips

Selena’s bold eyes and nude lips is what make her stand out almost always. You can stand out from the crowd just add a nudeish-pink lip color to your stunning pout. Add a dab of clear or gold-gilded gloss on just the center of your upper and lower lip for the illusion of that extra plumpness in your lips.

Did you like these Selena Gomez Makeup looks?

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