Sensitive skin care

Sensitive skin has to be taken care  with some basic rules and as most of us know that our skin at one point of time becomes so sensitive that the products used or applied on skin results in irritability, rashes, swelling and redness. Sensitive skin easily reacts when the product used is of wrong formulation and is chemical based.
 All of our skin have different tolerance level and those whose skin tolerance is low is susceptible to skin damages and damages can be seen within few days.Products which are meant for sensitive skin have absolute lowest amount of ingredients which irritates the skin.
*Most important thing to do when it comes to sensitive skin is to check the ingredients carefully before using any product and know where the sensitivity lies on your skin.
*Two most important product ingredients which needs proper attention is cleanser and toner because these products use alcohol as an active ingredient.I came across a toner of Body shop which is meant for super sensitive skin.To read the reviews click here.
*When ever you wash clothes or utensils wear protective gloves .Use cotton gloves as they are softer and do not irritate the skin much.
*Sun also harms the sensitive skin and therefore it is necessary to apply special sunscreen before going out under the sun.
*When finished with outdoor activities sensitive skin needs gentle cleansing with an alcohol free cleanser.Cleansing rigorously can irritate the skin or may cause redness too.
*It is always advisable for sensitive skin to not to use make up for long hours.
Sensitive skin doesn’t mean that there is nothing much left to use,  it is just that it needs more awareness and extra care in every day life.


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