Sephora Harmony Blush Review, Swatches & FOTD


 Sephora Harmony Blush

There are two things I am absolutely in love with these days. One is the book I am reading “Revenge wear Prada”. Yes it’s the sequel to the much loved “The Devil Wears Prada”. Which was not only a best seller for really long time but also made into a super hit chick flick starring Meryl Streep  and Anne Hathway. I loved the movie too. Imagine, how would it be to have a boss like Miranda Priestly. One will end up with nightmares like Andrea Jane Sachs.


Sephora Harmony Blush Review+sephora powder


However my second love these days is the Sephora Harmony Blush. I just happening to visit the store to buy a few essentials like shampoo and deo but I couldn’t resist myself sneaking at the counter displaying these gorgeous little babies calling me out. I was on a shopping ban and told myself would not indulge, just look at the lovely things and not buy them. But when my eye fell on this beautiful piece I couldn’t resist myself and I involuntarily bagged it.

The blush is a rainbow of 5 beautiful colors in the shimmering hues ranging from white, pink, coral, mauve and purple. The white and pink colors are natural highlighter colors. Works wonderfully. The other 3 colors are great shimmer blushes.


Sephora Harmony Blush Review Texture+best blushes


Each of these colors work as lovely blushes and all together too they become a gorgeous blush + highlighter. The color is very natural and gives the right amount of flush of natural color on the cheek. Like the name suggests it blends very harmoniously with the natural hues of the skin. I like the multi facet and multi tasking of this blush. It’s a no brainer product. I don’t have to think what to wear it with and when to wear it.

Girls with different skin colors can use it because of the varied colors available in the same palette. The lighter colors will give is flush of healthy pink to the fairer skins and the darker colors will bring the right brightness to the dusky skin types. The shimmer ofcourse to highlight the right features like the cheeks, brown bones, forehead, cupid’s bow and chin.

Here are the individual colors:


Sephora Harmony Blush Review Hand Swatch+best blush


The formula is powder based blush. It’s shimmery. The colors blend beautifully and complement each other. The lasting power is impressive too. The shimmer stays on for about 10-12 hours, but the color looked slightly faded in 7-8 hours. I would say not bad at all.

Here is, all colors blended swatch:


Sephora Harmony Blush Review Blended Hand Swatch+blush makeup


The packaging is neat plastic round flat box with translucent top. The individual colors are placed horizontally in strips which add in nice aesthetic touch to the packaging. The content is 10 gms.

Details of the product:


Sephora Harmony Blush Review Ingredients+powder makeup


What I like about Sephora Harmony Blush:

  • Love the color, very natural
  • Multi utility product, blush and highlighter.
  • Can be used as individual colors or blended together.
  • Longetivity
  • Packaging

What I don’t like about Sephora Harmony Blush:

  • Price
  • Availability

Overall rating: 4.8/5

Price: INR 1550/ –

This is how it looks on me. Here I am wearing all blended blush.

(I am not wearing any base on my hands or face. This will help you understand the right color spectrum of the blush)


Sephora Harmony Blush Review FOTD+sephora blush


It’s a great to have blush which will last with you forever. Can be used either as a highlighter or as a blush alone.  Availability is a great challenge in India. Not sure if Sephora Delhi stocks it. But if you get your hands on it, go for it girls.

Tried any of my current loves? Honestly it’s hard to decide which I love more, so I wear the blush and continue reading away.

Have you tried Sephora Harmony Blush ?

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  1. it was on sale online (and stores) for $7 cuz thats the only way i would’ve got it!! i got it a few months ago but it looks gooorgeous on u!!

  2. super pretty shade … love the shine n the color.. n i am too reading the revenge wears prada ;).. but i think u must hav finished reading it by now 🙂


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