Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch Me 2039A R24 Review & Swatches


This is dedicated to all the vamps in our (Woman’s) lives. Date in and out we come across various issues that haunt us, as a woman. I have listed a few issues that need to be fixed immediately to make this world a better place for women.

These are the vamps, horrors, villains and taboo in our lives.

Rape and sexual abuse:-

 Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch me Review_Rape n Sexual Abuse


The latest incident that happened in Delhi a few months ago shook the wits out of us. The whole world was shell shocked at this inhuman act. It’s the worst kind of the act against a woman. What more can I say. It’s a bane to womankind and shame to mankind.

Eve Teasing

 Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch me Review_Eve teasing

We all have gone through this in your lives or maybe going through this even today. While travelling in buses or any crowded area or even our college. Why intimidate a woman by making nasty comments and touching her?

Sexual discriminations

 Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch me Review_Sexual discrimination


A common thing we get to hear. You are not man enough for this job. Why are most big bosses men?? Just 1% of the top bosses in the world are women. Is it by choice that we take a back seat in our careers and put forward our family first or do we succumb to societal pressures.

Breast Cancer:-

 Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch me Review_Breast cancer

This is very unique to us for obvious reasons. All I can say is “I wish women paid attention to their breasts as much as men do”


 Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch me Review_Osteoporosis


Osteoporpsis (Porous bones) is a disease of bones that leads to an increased risk of fracture. It is most common in women after menopause is referred to as primary type 1 or postmenopausal osteoporosis. Don’t ignore milk and other calcium intake friends.

PMS & its effect:-


Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch me Review_PMS n effects


This comes like a monthly devil. To some extent we have accepted it and have put up with it. But we can’t forget it. It comes every month and brings along all the effects, the stomach aches, the mood swings, cravings for sweets.

Yeah yeah I know….by now all the hubbys are warned about the nasty moods  😛


 Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch me Review_Dowry


I simply fail to understand the concept of this dreaded social set up. Why on earth is the woman obliged to get the moolah to the guy? I am yet to hear any case where a guy is burnt alive for not keeping his wife happy. This concept beats me completely.

I generally write humorous and fun posts. I think it’s ok to stop for a while and face the real deal.

This lipstick has nothing to do with the above just that the color reminded me of the evils and witches of our lives.


Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch me Review+sephora lipstick


It’s a lovely lipstick in dark, really dark violet. Well almost black. It’s a unique color to make the right statement lips. Having said that, I this color is meant for the ramps or some really glamorous event. It would need a heavy base of makeup to carry it off.


Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch me Review Package+purple lipstick


It could of great use to mix it with lighter colors to create your own colors. The texture is amazingly good. Leaves lips soft and supple. Lasts a good 7-8 hours. Highly pigmented. The color being too dark, one needs to wear it with caution.


Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch me Review Product+best lipstick


It may make you look older than your age. However a dab of it maybe a great shade. I don’t quite like the color on me , as I don’t wear such dark shades other than reds. I am sure some us can carry it off very well.


Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch me Review Hand Swatch+lipsticks


What I like about Sephora Rouge Bewitch Me 2039A R24 Lipstick:-


  • Vixen Vibrant Color for those statement lips
  • Texture
  • Pigmentation
  • Moisture
  • Can be used to mix and create darker colors.


What I don’t like about Sephora Rouge Bewitch Me 2039 A R24 Lipstick:-

Too dark color. Almost black. Need a heavy base makeup to carry it off. Meant for the ramps or super glamour party.

  • Overall rating: 3.5/5
  • Price: 12 Euros (I think)
  • Where I bought it from : Champs Elysees- Paris France
  • Will I buy it again: I don’t think so. But would love to explore this range for sure.

This is how it looks on me.

Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch me Review Lip Swatch+matte lipstick


Have you tried Sephora Rouge Lipstick Bewitch Me 2039A R24 ?


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  1. I Love Sephora Lipsticks, they are so colorful, pigmented, creamy and everything possible that a Lipstick should have. <3 Though this one for sure, looks devilish. 😀 Nice post, like the way everything was briefed with pictures. God save (Us) Girls. O:-) :rose:

  2. Lovely write up avanti! My best frnd was a dowry victin only thing is she had enough guts to get the guy and his mom arrested on the eve of the wedding! Im proud of her!

        • Serves the asshole right!! I am so very proud of your friend dear. My mom in law is a feminist who believes in gender equality. I am so very proud of her because she is a rebel and stands up for what she believes in and I love it when she says she sees herself in me.

          I am proud to be a woman and I want every woman to feel proud and never ever feel like a victim.

  3. Great post.. Dear! Lovely the vampy shade i have this shade in wetnwild… my aunt sent it 2 me …i donoo y. ?:-) :-/ i can only use it at Halloween 😛 :lipstick:

    I heart Sephora frnd raves a lot abt dem… i have made my list.. waiting 4 sum1 to get it 4 me wen she comes :-))

    • Oh yes Sephora lippies are too good quality. Infact most of their products are superb. I have used / using many of them. The best part they come almost at the price of a drug store brand.

  4. very nicely writte Bo. I too agree that we need a reality-check amidst all the fun n makeup. Its such a scary world out there n i dread to imagine what out children (and not just us) willl have to endure :sweat:


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