Sephora Smoky Kohl Eyeliner 01 Noir black And 02 Grey -Gris Review


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I couldn’t wait to review over SEPHORA SMOKY KOHL EYELINERSafter being requested by all the beauties here. You know the feeling of having a rare brand like that of Sephora, UD, Toofacedetc brings a lot of happiness rather than the product itself. Don’t know why? Maybe in the back of our minds it has been engraved that it’s a luxury to own this and so true it is, especially when the product is really good. I jumped looking at my haul but more than that I jumped looking at my SEPHORA Eyeliners. I was on Cloud 9 coz I never thought I’ll be able to get them mainly due to its rare availability and other reasons. And seeing this in my parcel was like a dream come true. You know it’s good to buy a product you want but its even better when it comes in the form of gift to you.:)

Sephora Smokey Kohl Reviews Online

About Sephora Kohl Eyeliner 01 Noir

Where there is smoke, there is fire! The first Smoky Kohl Liner from Sephora Collection, this product features a rich, highly pigmented texture in a sleek, retractable component. Its super smooth-gliding texture lets you create a fantastic smoky eye easily and without tugging.

  • Price –12$

Sephora Smokey Kohl + Black Noir and Grey gris


  • Packaging – Indeed sleek and classy packaging. Too good for a kohl eyeliner I believe. The cover is strong. However, you have to be very careful while opening it coz the kohl can’t be completely pushed inside with the twist.  Half of the kohl is still outside so one has to be very careful while opening the cover of the kohl.


Sephora Smoky Kohl Eyeliner 01 Noir black And 02 Grey -Gris Swatches:-


Sephora Smokey Kohl + Black Noir and Grey Gris + Swatches

My Experience with Sephora Smoky Kohl Eyeliner 01 noir black & 02 grey – gris

To start with I am impressed with the Sephora Smoky Kohl Eyeliners because they have really made my life easy. Now I can get smoky eyes anywhere anyhow without any hassle or use of any brush . And that too in a couple of seconds.  All I need is one mirror and the Sephora smoky kohl eyeliner in grey or black. As shown in the picture I have applied the grey kohl eyeliner on the lids and black on the waterline. You can even use them as an eyeshadow. As they are smudgable, they blend like a dream.  If you want you can make use of a nice smokey brush if you are one of those who wants perfect smokey eyes. But believe me there is nothing like perfect smokey eyes. The whole idea of creating smokey eyes is creating a messed up gothic like look. So we need not be neat with it. The texture of the kohl eyeliner is smooth and easy to blend. However, the black kohl eyeliner is not the blackest black. The staying power is obviously not great. As it is a kohl eyeliner I wasn’t expecting it to be lasting anyway. On the waterline the kohl eyeliner last upto 2-3hrs while on the eyelids it stays till I don’t remove it. You can say 7-8hrs, that’s the maximum no. of time I wear make up on me. The grey is a beautiful silvery grey and to be honest I like it better than black . Reason being if I create smokey eyes with the grey kohl eyeliner I can wear it in office or for a normal day out easily. Because the soft smokey look done by the grey kohl eyeliner looks wearable all the time. All in all, these kohl eyeliners are absolutely adorable , I am too happy to have them . You need not be a pro make up artist to get smokey eyes now, Sephora kohl eyeliner will do it for you 🙂

Sephora Smokey kohl + EOTD

Pros  of Sephora Smoky kohl eyeliners :-

  • Smudgable
  • Easy smooth texture
  • Doesn’t need brush to create smoky eyes
  • Can be used on the waterline, eyelid and as an eyeshadow
  • Good quantity
  • Sleek packaging
  • Grey smoky eyes can be worn in daytime without looking OTT
  • Stay put on the eyelids for 7-8hrs
  • Smoky eyes is now easy to create in a fraction of seconds

Cons of Sephora Smoky kohl eyeliners  :-

  • Doesn’t last on the waterline after 2-3hrs
  • Might crease on oily eyelids if applied as an eye shadow
  • Availability is a major problem
  • Pricey

Rating – 4/5

Recommendation – Grab these beauties if you get a chance, Sephora usually keep them on sale when the price is a lot cheaper than the original.

Have you tried Sephora Smoky Khol Eyeliner ?

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