SESA Hair Oil Review | SESA Hair Oil Really Works | SESA Hair Oil Results


SESA Hair Oil Review | SESA Hair Oil Really Works | SESA Hair Oil Results

I love hair oils. I love to try out different hair oils and am always in a lookout for oils with exciting ingredients. Applying warm oil to my hair and giving myself a good head massage gives me such joy and happiness. The calmness and relaxation it imparts is beyond words. Just imagine yourself on a beach, where you have a masseur to massage your head; your feet getting pampered in a warm foot soak and you are enjoying a cool fruit smoothie while watching the waves hit the shore. Isn’t it total bliss?? Today am reviewing hair oil which will let your hair feel pampered. Just that I can’t guarantee a masseur with it!!

Also regular warm oil massage improves the blood circulation of the scalp & promotes hair health. Generally a dry scalp is more prone to experience hair fall so a regular hot oil massage is the best way to keep your mane strong & reduce hair loss!

SESA Hair Oil Review+sesa oil review

About SESA Hair Oil:-

The oil is enriched with so many beneficial ingredients from Ayurveda which are clinically known to make the hair stronger in a natural way! So totally impressed with the ingredient list! 🙂

Price: INR 200 for 200ml

Availability: At most ayurvedic shops & on some online shopping sites

SESA Hair Oil Review Details+hair oil

  • Ingredients: The ingredient list is so high standard. It is jam packed with 18 ayurvedic herbs, 5 different oils and is processed with milk in some ancient hair oil recipe. It also contains Neeli (indigo) which is known to darken hair over time and give coolness to the scalp. All these ingredients give a soothing relaxation & any stress related hair loss too can be easily treated with the oil!

SESA Hair Oil Review Ingredients+sesa hair oil

  • Packaging: Packaging is quite boring. It is a simple plum bottle with an ordinary round plastic cap and a wide mouth. I always end up pouring more oil than required. The wide mouth results in some oil leakage, causing the bottle to get oily. I wouldn’t say that it is travel friendly because even after fixing the cap quite tight on the bottle, I fear that the oil might find some way of leaking out. But since the oil is so cheaply priced, you can’t really expect any fancy packaging.

SESA Hair Oil Review Package+hair growth oil

How I use the  Sesa Hair Oil:-

I use it for deep conditioning hot oil massages. I take some oil in a bowl and heat it in a double boiler. When the oil is lukewarm, I soak in a cotton ball and then apply the oil directly on the scalp. The texture of this oil is quite thin, hence it spreads easily. After I am done with the application, I give myself a light massage and then wrap my head around with a warm towel for better oil absorption. If I am in a hurry, I wash my hair in a couple of hours or else I like to keep it overnight for the oil to work its magic.

Since this oil has a light texture, it gets washed off easily with a mild shampoo. The oil has a pleasant smell which sometimes stays on even after your hair is washed, but this might be a put off for those with a sensitive nose.

SESA Hair Oil Review Hand Swatch+best hair oil

So, Does This Hair Oil Work? Hell yeah, it does! It is like a magic potion in a bottle (only that it is not brewed by Professor Snape)… It has reduced scalp itchiness, hair loss is considerably less,  has made my hair smooth & shinier & reduced0 split ends which were a constant concern previously!

It has all the things that I look for in hair oil. I am absolutely hooked on to it. After using this oil, I have not tried any other hair oil so yes this definitely works!

What I liked about SESA Hair Oil:

  • Impressive ayurvedic ingredients
  • Light in texture
  • Affordable
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Reduces excess hair loss
  • Washes off easily even with a mild shampoo
  • Mild fragrance

What I didn’t like about SESA Hair Oil:

  • Packaging is not travel friendly!

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried SESA Hair Oil ?

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  1. I have used it..and loved it..but after delivery the smell started annoying me so stopped it…but can swear by the goodness of this product..used it continuously for 5 years

  2. Great review Pranali..I have heard many positive reviews for this oil. I have very thin hair and scalp is visible too if I tie my hair. Is this oil effective for hair growth? anyone has got any good results with your hair growth with this oil? will be awaiting feedback..

      • trying too many products at the same time is also bad.. see a doc and check for thyroid/hormones & ferritin.. on the other hand stick to this oil (if your scalp is not the greasy kind), eat a balanced diet & take biotin supplement.

      • me too in same boat. tried everything. methi vitamin e capsules mustard oil etc. would like to hear more if this can really help us

    • thnx arati..
      we are in the same boat.. i too have hair thinning..
      Hair thinning in most cases is caused my some underlying medical condition. So you may want to get yourself checked by a doc..
      This is oil is great as a secondary treatment for both hair loss & hair thinning..

      • well you are right. I have thyroid since some 4 years and my hair is thin from my birth. if this oil helps me with at least some volume also I am fine..

    • you mean is the price too low or too high??
      Hair thinning in most cases is caused my some underlying medical condition. So you may want to get yourself checked by a doc.. This is oil is great as a secondary treatment for both hair loss & hair thinning..

  3. can anyone pls tell me the best remedy to remove dandruff… my husband is suffering from severe dandruff problem from many years. tried almost everything even the above sesa hair oil and also doctor consultations ..but we ended only in hair loss and the dandruff is still there…

    • is it the dry flaky kind or the greasy itchy kind??
      you could add 2-3 drops of tea tree essential oil to the hair oil that you use.tea tree has anti-bacterial properties.
      use apple cider vinegar rinse after shampoo and use the mint hair mask on hair on alternate days.the mint mask has been posted on this site itself.

  4. I have this and it seems to be quite a good oil though I’ve just started using it so cant really comment on its long term effects. Agree about the smell, can get a bit overpowering. Even with just a couple of uses, it has definitely reduced my scalp itchiness and made my hair comparitively smooth.

    • Sometimes hair takes time to adjust to new oils.. You need to give this oil around 2 months to start working on you and along with this you would want to eliminate medical reasons for hair fall.

  5. Hello Pranali,
    I have used Kesh King before was ok but not best. One of my sis told me about this Sesa Oil. In future days m gonna use this by reading your article and positive comments. Should I take Protinex for hair growth, will it be worth ?

    • Hi lalit.. Are you having hair thinning or just the usual hair loss complaints?

      I’ve said this many times in the comment section, that you first need to eliminate any medical reasons for your hair loss.. For eg: get your hormonal test done etc..

      Please work on eliminating any medical issues first.. This hair oil should be used as a secondary treatment along with a good balanced diet and lifestyle choices.

      Stick to this hair oil for atleast 6 months. You shudnt expect a miracle overnight or over 2-3 months.. And after 6 momths you could then evaluate its results on you.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Guys plzzz tell me something,,,mere head di front side te kafe jada hairfall ho gaye ne,,,and othe ganj pe gye ae,,,,,plzzz give me some solution,,,and is this oil usefull,,,

    • Pls visit doc.. That shud give u a better idea of what is going on with your hair.. U need to figure out weder ur hair thinning is hereditary or due to some medicle reason.. Use sesa as a secondary treatment..

    • Pls visit a doc to rule our medical reasons for hair loss..
      Few blood test shud tell you the exact reason for ur hair loss..
      Use sesa hair oil as a secondary treatment..

  7. I’m a teen. I hve thyroid problem for 7 years. But hairfall started only last year. How long does this oil take to work? And suggest a few supplements i could take to reduce the condition.

  8. I have started using this oil from last 15 days…..But I am little hesitant about taking tha capsules that comes with this oil. Please tell me if these capsules can be taken and what should be the daily dose?

  9. hiii impressive comments…i want to knw can we use dis oil daily? is there will be any side effects if we use it daily..please reply ASAP had bought the oil today and thinking to use it daily like normal hair oil…thnk you 🙂

  10. Hi after reading comments n reviews I have bought this oil. I have itching problem. My kids also facing some itching. May b this is because of boring water. And these days I am facing hair thinning problem n I m diabetic too. Suggest some remedies for me n kids.

  11. Hello dear plz help me… I m using Sesa oil from 6months and Sesa hair fall therpy from 3months …mere hair judne kam toh hue hai but abhi v hair falling hoti hai…. kyun yrrr…mere hair bhut thin hair.. I wanna heavy hairs… plz help me. I have no any medical relate problem…. plz help me… new hair ane main kitna time lgega?

  12. Hello dear my name is Harry.. main Sesa oil 6months se continue use kr rahi hu.. mujhe isse kuch jyda benefit nhu hua…. kabhi kabhu hair fall kam hote hai aur kabhu toh jyda… I m really worried… u hav no any medical problm… my hairs are v dry and weak…. give me solution plzzZzzzz help me

  13. Hi everyone this oil is magic it does everything it says !!! But be consistent . I poke a small hole with a tail comb or pointy nife and you can control the amount of oil and not waste it and to travel place plastic wrap and place top and close and voila all done


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