Sesame Oil – Sesame Oil For Skin And Hair


I believe in oils and love the way they moisturize and keep skin healthy and solve various hair problems.I think that every oil has its own beauty secret behind it. For instance if we talk about coconut oil it has a beauty secret of making hair black and this is why remedies like adding curry leaves or mixing the oil with other herbal ingredients were developed .Won’t you agree ?

Similarly Olive oil for soft skin and almond oil for boosting brain power was discovered.I barely knew about sesame seeds oil and never took interest in me.Once I got sesame hair oil from Fab India, I never looked back. After using it on my hair I bought sesame seed oil from forrest essential too which is a cold pressed sesame oil (will review it later)

Uses of sesame oil for hair and skin
Sesame oil

Sesame seed oil has variety of names .In India it is called as Nuvvula Noone, Manchi Noone, Yellene, or Gingerlily Oil. In Sri Lanka it is called Thaia Thel and in Maylasia, Natalia Enna. Regardless of its given name, sesame seed oil has a variety of uses.

In olden days Hindus used this oil in lamps and considered it sacred.It was used by the wealthy class and was difficult to obtain.Now things have changed and the oil is used by many in cooking, in skin, hair and scalp formulation too.

Benefits of Sesame oil

When sesame oil is used on skin or hair it kills bacteria , provides nourishment and alleviates dryness. It helps in restoring the moisture and give flexibility to the skin and make skin look younger.

It is a great oil to be used by women who are suffering from wrinkles or loose skin.It tightens the skin and controls enlargement of aged pores.

Inspite being a oil it never gave me acne infact it protects aginst pimples, blemishes, dry skin.

Sesame oil is also used in commercial shampoos also since it helps in preventing dandruff too.I used this oil on my body also and found it a little thick but it is soothing and comforting for the skin.

If one is suffering from dry itchy feet then this oil helps in relieveing from that problem. When this oil is applied on the skin, certain toxins are attached to its molecules and then washed away with hot water.

From babies, teens to adults can benefit from this oil and I myself have loved using this oil.Hope you discover its benefits too the way I did πŸ™‚

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  14. Recently I have also bought seasme oil from a local store, what is the price of the oil which is available in FAB India?Does seasme oil helps in growing hair?What more can be mixed with it to make it more effective?

  15. hey Anamika, can you please do a review on forest essentials sesame oil … I have sensitive combination skin and want to include this in the night time regimen. thank you

  16. πŸ™‚ hey anamika… can we use this sesame oil for body massage???? wheather it blackens the skin or not???? plz reply me soon…

  17. Is it suitable for oily skin face n if so how to apply and one question is sesamè oil and black cumin oil is same pls reply


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