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By Gunjan,
When I read Anamika recipe of sesame rice I was really inspired by this tiny white sesame seeds.I tried to search many of sesame benefits and found that sesame seeds are even worshipped in some of the villages on auspicious occasions.It is included in rituals of Gods and in death ceremonies of ancestors. People in villages still believe that sesame seeds helps in preventing bad spirits and devils.

Because of  these above reasons there are many households who prepare sesame laddu’s on Makara Sakranti.(One of Hindu Festivals)
Any way I was searching for some of the benefits of sesame seeds but unfortunately I ended up reading many stores of it.
Different types of sesame seeds

There are various things which are prepared from sesame seeds , One of the important being the sesame seed oil.
There are three different kinds of sesame seeds
1.      Black sesame seeds(Black sesame seeds benefits are quiet popular and known to many of us)
2.      White sesame seeds
3.      Red sesame seeds (Didn’t find much about this but if you know about it then do share with us)
Sesame seeds nutrition:-
What makes sesame seeds important and nutritious is the face that it contains four rasas (flavors) which includes hot, bitter, sweet and pungent.
Benefits of sesame seeds in diseases –  Beneficial for hair sesame seeds cures many diseases such as dental  and wind related problems, increase milk, fire and helps in solving the problem of those who have excess urination problem.
According to Ayurveda sesame is not just an eatable item but it is considered as a great medicine .Regular consumption of this will protect many diseases and general physical weakness as well. If you have low immunity then eating sesame seeds will build up your immunity system and develop disease fighting power.  
Sesame seeds benefits in diseases
Burns:Take camphor, sesame seeds paste and ghee.Mix it together and apply it on the part of the body which has burnt.If a person is suffering from extreme pain and burning sensation then paste will reduce the pain after a while.To make sesame paste grind some sesame with milk and apply it.

Menstrual Cycle/Irregular periods
If you are suffering from severe pain  during your menstrual cycle then cook 12gm of sesame seeds with 240 grams of water and let it reduce to one fourth.Once the quality is reduced to 1/4th let it cool and add jaggery in the mixture.Take it in the form of syrup every morning .This will cure the problem of irregular period or menstruation.
Tooth ache If a person is suffering from pyorrhea or tooth ache in the apply sesame oil in the mouth for 10 -15 minutes and then gargle with water.It helps in tooth ache pain.

. I hope like me you too are inspired to include sesame seeds in your diet.

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