Seven uses of Q-tip to make you look beautiful


I can not complete my make up without having Q-tips beside me.Just like eraser  is one of the most essential thing for a child similarly Q- tip is for me 😀

Below are some of the ways  in which one can use Q-tips

1.Q-tip are great to use when mascara or eyeliner starts to run or to clean up when one make mistake in makeup.Just  take out some moisturizer on q tip (you can use eye make up remover also) and run it on the mistake.Most of the make up mistakes get cleaned up easily without much of an effort

2.Smudging can be done in a great way with the help of Q-tips to give one self perfect smoky eye.Also if you apply black or grey eyeliner to the bottom eye lid and use the Q -tip to smudge the lines , lines will be perfectly smudged without making it look harsh.This is an ultimate way to give one self ultra sexy eyes.

3.When ever I apply lipstick especially the red one and the color pass through the lip line I use Q-tip .Also there is one more interesting way to avoid lipstick bleeding. Just dab the Q-tip in loose powder and run along the edge of the freshly applied lipstick.This becomes like your lakshman rekha.Lipstick wont come out of it because powder becomes it barrier.

5.Q-tip is great in highlighting the inner corner of the eyes.Just dip the Q tip into a shimmery eye shadow and apply it on the inner corner of your eye.Applying white, gold and silver opens up the eyes easily and one look more awake.

6.Q-tip helps in  doing French manicure easily.One can easily remove tiny mistakes with the help of a Q-tip by dipping it in nail remover.

7.Afraid of applying winged eyeliner.Don be Q- tip is there to help you out.Just  apply the  eyeliner without any hesitation and use a Q-tip which is dipped in a moisturiser to sharpen the edges or to give you a perfect shape.

I am sure many of the make up gurus must be using Q -tip in various ways  but of course  very few will be there who will share with us:(

Do you know any use of Q-tips which makes your life easier?


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  1. just now i camw across this wonderful post :dance: :clap: :clap:
    i knew only 1 use – to apply cream cream blushes take a little blush in q tip and put dots on cheeks and blend 😛 😛 now i know 7 more…wow :jump: :jump:

  2. heheh…Q tip r like a must have ..over doze of liquid eyeliner or lipstick or what ever..i use them so much Prerana .. :disdain: :disdain: :disdain:


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