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I am Ruchika.. πŸ˜€
I am following Wiseshe from months. (*_*)
So,now when i have a huge problem i thought of asking the Wise She readers.
My problem is,
I have thin hair and im trying to grow them longer.they are now to my mid back..but i have started getting severe hair fall from 6 hair falls with roots.i can see my hairline receding.i get like 20-30 of hairs when i comb them.. πŸ™
i oil my hair every time i was them with coconut oil. i tried biotin supplements for a month too but they dint help.. πŸ™ and i dont wanna go for medical help as im just 18 and i dont wanna play with my body through medicines. also my hair tangles alot..the reason being thinning of my hair and i dont wanna use conditioner because i’ve read that people with thin hair should not use conditioner as it weighs the hair down.and i have oily scalp and dry hair. ^_^
i’m using L’occitane’s repairing shampoo..
Thank You..! πŸ˜€
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  1. Hey ruchika !! Welcome .. if u really are facing massive amount of hair fall, i would suggest you to get it diagonized, also please check if you have a proper diet or not. You can use some hair oils that really worked for most of us, read reviews here
    and .

    Also please don’t hesitate from getting some tests done, like T3,T4,Tsh and few others that doctor might suggest.
    Tk cr πŸ™‚

  2. i had the same problem . improving now. i have been using few hair packs.

    soak methi powder + plus curd overnight. ( or morning if you want to apply at night ) . next morning add hibiscus leaves + flowers + curry leaves + amla . Apply and wash . curd will moisturize hair . curry leaves aid growth. if u can’t find all the above even curry leaves+amla will do. and no matter how much u try superficial methods they r never good enough if u don’t eat well. cut down salt,sugar. drink juices daily. eat a lot of curry leaves. it really helps. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi ruchika,

    I was and am facing the same problem. But interestingly this started one year back and I got some hormonal tests done and I found out that I have thyroid. Thyroid is one of the biggest reasons of sudden uncontrollable hairfall. I agree with Upasana that you should get check up done by a reputed dermatologist/hair specialist. Also I started using a local but expensive branded hair vitalizer ‘ Keya Seth’s Aromamagic’ – this has controlled my hairfall reasonably. I have heard Shahnaz Hussain’s Shatone is also very effective. Also, please do not massage with oil as it weakens roots, just dab the oil on the scalp with the help of a cotton ball. Also, do not apply a lot of oil as you would have to apply generous amount of shampoo to get rid of the same and this might lead to a considerable amount of hairfall while shampooing.

    Sometimes if you have dandruff problem, the same can lead to hairfall. Also, if you are stressed out about something – career or personal problems, your hair can be a victim of the same. Try doing yoga regularly, atleast a few simple asanas – this helps a lot in soothing the mind and curing internal

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  4. @Upasana- I wasn’t taking proper diet.i dont like ”ghar ka khana” so i used to live on fast food..but from 4 months i’m trying to healthy..i take multivitamins,fishoil,vegetable juices and i’ve included fruits in my diet.i cant see much difference in texture of my hair as they were already straight and silky but i can see lil baby hair on my scalp (Dancciieee :P) :tap-dance: ..Thanks.. πŸ™‚

    @Reddy..Thanks a really looking forward to curd and methi wala mum used to do that on her hair..and she had long healthy hair.. πŸ˜€

    @Mayuri…i got my thyroid levels checked 3 months ago..(Normal).. :victory:
    and for oil part..i’ve read that massaging increases blood circulation..and if i’ll dab oil on my scalp how will it get absorbed..?
    and yes there were a lot of problems past months and i’ve been taking stress..but from 3-4 months i’ve started exercising..and i can feel the difference/./(touch wood) :rock-n-roll: πŸ˜›
    Thanks anyways.. πŸ™‚ :X-P:

  5. Hi Ruchika..first of all, pls go and see a doc..I have a Thyroid prob and i too had severe hair fall at one point…If there is some similar imbalance then the doc will be able to prescribe the right meds for u..

  6. I also have had exactly same problem as yours..below are the few things that have helped me..donot hesitate to visit a me it really helps..get your iren and calcium checked..if its less than it may lead to hairfall..also cut your hair every 3 to 4 months..I know growing hair is a pain but if you trim the edges regularly the hair will grow faster and will remain doctor suggested Minto Hair Solution..its like water in consistency and you need to apply about 2ml every night on your scalp for 3 to 6 months..this REALLY helps and I was seen massize reduction in my hairfall and even the area which appears thinning has improved..I have been using this on and off for more than 5 to 6 yrs, I start using whenever I face hairfall problem, in case you want good hair oils Cantharidine hair oil is which I swear by, its specially for growing new hair and reducing hair loss, i have used it since I was 2 years old and I too have always had long hair..below waist, over a period of time this hair oil really helps. Above all this eating properly is VERY important. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  7. Too much applying hair to your roots and massage can lead to hair fall believe me…because your roots are already weak and by massaging you will just lose them… be light-handed when it comes to oil.. apply minimal amount gently and wash off gently.
    Girllllllllll….. use a conditioner…please because it seems like your hair is breaking and falling because of tangling…You can see with your eyes how much less hair-fall will be there if u start a conditioner…because combing becomes so easy once you start using it..Take very little amount and apply to hair ends and not the roots…
    Use a deep-conditioning mask once a week…
    Take a multivitamin or see a doctor…
    Simple tips help..

  8. @Zara- my thyroid levels are normal..i got the test done 3 months ago.. πŸ™‚ thanks..

    @Pari- i might go to derm today. but the reason im hesitating is im scared of doctors..idk why..
    i think the calcium thing might be a reason.. because i dont remember the last time i had milk..
    where can i get that oil in delhi? thanks a lot.. πŸ™‚

    @Fe-i think you are right..cuz i’ve noticed that after i oil my hair my falls alot..
    and for the conditioner part..i tried using that pantene conditioner once and loreal total repair 5 one too..but both of them weighed my hair down..i felt like my hair is coated.i rinsed the conditioner properly,though..texture of my hair is already thin and straight..
    i might try keihl’s frnd raves about that olive fruit one..

  9. I am age about 26 from Assam.I have severed hair problem along with pre-mature greying of hair . Though i have been using of natural product still i am unable to fine the resolution for stopping from pre-mature greying of my hair.Please provide me a good solution for the same.

    Thanking you


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