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Yoga – the natural body workout:
To attain a well-rounded body, it’s essential to exercise religiously without any long breaks. By that I don’t mean hitting the gym all day long but improving the flexibility of the body naturally. I practice yoga and other simple stretching exercises that are more fruitful than pumping iron in the gym. Very few people are aware of this, but certain yogic aasans are excellent for hair, as they activate blood circulation in that area and keep the tresses strong and luster-rich! The best exercise for great hair is to stand upside-down with the head facing the ground. At least that works like magic for me.
Diet essentials:
I follow a balanced diet that is a right mix of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Eating small portions of meals five to six times a day is also equally vital. Consuming gallops of food at a go can prove detrimental. Also remember, there should be no limit to your water-intake. I make sure I drink lots of water on a daily basis.
Skin secrets:
An easy path to flawless skin is sweating it out. It’s very important for the pores of the skin to open up and respire. That’s exactly what happens when the body sweats. Our skin also reflects what we eat, therefore, include as much of raw fruits and green vegetables in your diet as possible. Natural fluids like coconut water and plain lukewarm water also work wonders for me.
Avoid direct sun exposure:
Since its peak summer these days, I steer clear off tanning in the sun. Try and avoid direct expose under direct sun as far as possible. Over exposure of direct UV rays are lethal for your skin. Use a high quality sunscreen lotion half and hour before you step out.

Natural oils:
Even a soothing body massage with natural oils, like virgin olive oil can prove very reinvigorating. A gentle oil massage on a regular basis is indispensable for hair as it provides excellent nutrition to the roots. I massage my hair with natural oils twice a week and make sure the oil is rinsed off completely.

Mane magic:
The beauty products you apply are of utmost importance in the long run. So use a good-quality mild shampoo for daily use. Because the weather conditions in Mumbai are so sultry and humid, I shampoo my hair daily. I also make it a point to use a rich conditioner after I am done with shampooing. If you want great hair, try consuming as many raw almonds and walnuts during the course of day as possible. They help increase the tensile strength of hair. Lastly, to avoid bad-hair-days and split-ends, you must go for a monthly trim.
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