Sexy Sameera weight loss


I always thought that Sameera reddy will suit better in a male lead role rather than in a female one. This was because girl looked so manly that she could be an awesome female wrestler. But lady has shut everybody’s mouth by losing all her weight.
Personally I loved her in her first video. Remember “aur ahista kijiye batein”?? In this video she was fat but with her long hair, dusky complexion and pink suit she looked quite pretty.
Later on she followed her sister’s path and tried to be sexy but with those flab she looked no more than an aunty. It was not her fault because her body structure is like that. She can never look too lean but still our Sam didn’t give up.

What she did was that she changed her routine from weight to yoga. Sameera practices around 21 Surya namaskar every day. Vo!!!!!
She loves sports and that is why she switched to swimming too. She recommends lots of vegetable juices, small meals and tonnes of water!!!
If she has achieved this figure without surgery and through such an healthy way then there is no doubt that this hard working girl has a long way to go.


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