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Sexy Vampire Red-Black Eye makeup Tutorial:-

Hi beauties πŸ™‚

After doing Kristen Stewart inspired makeup tutorial, I thought of doing a Vampire look πŸ˜› I know Halloween is yet to come, but why not try πŸ˜‰ Even though Halloween is not much celebrated here in India, I just wanted to try a simple look, because people abroad are so excited bout Halloween and start preparing well advance for their costumes and makeup etc. So hereÒ€ℒs a very simple sexy vampire eye makeup with red and black color influence. Following is the inspiration image.

Vampire makeup looks sexy vampire makeup tutorial

IÒ€ℒm not sure where you can wear this makeup, but if you go out for Halloween parties, or even some outing, you can wear it (of course you can alter and modify with your own taste).
So letÒ€ℒs start with tutorial πŸ™‚

 Step1:– Prep your eyes :-

I applied a primer on eyes, and then picked some amount of gel eyeliner on a thick flat shading brush. I started from the inner corner, and made an eye shape. Whatever was left on brush, I brushed it on lower lid just along the lashes. Just to secure the gel eyeliner, I packed on some black e/s above it.


vampire makeup look halloween step by step pictures
Step2:- blend using Red eye shadow :-
Then I blended the outer corners with a red/maroon e/s, I blended it in a particular shape, so that the red deposits just above the inner corner and below the eyebrows starting point (I hope it makes sense πŸ˜› ) . After that , using a pencil brush I stroked red e/s on lower lash line starting from the inner corner and merging it with the black. Finally lined my eyes, made a small curved wing, filled in waterline, and used mascara. To get clean look, I placed a small dot of concealer on brow bone and blended it 


vampire makeup looks tutorial with step by step pictures


Following is my version πŸ™‚
Vampire eye makeup tutorial


Some suggestions in case you plan to do a Traditional HalloweenÒ€ℒs Vampire look πŸ˜› :-

  • Choose a pale yellow color foundation, blend it well, powder it using either a white matte face powder or try your talc πŸ˜€
  • Contour heavily under your cheek bones using a brown+red e/s to get perfect hollow.
  • Do darken your eyebrows if needed.
  • For lips, start off by applying some concealer on lips, powder them a bit. Then outline your lips using either dark red or black lip liner, any of your choice. Fill in your lips with the same liner from outer corners bringing in and leaving some gap in the middle of your lip, do same for you upper lip also. Fill the middle gap with a soft red color, Now layer on some clear gloss.

Huahahahaahaha ! youÒ€ℒre done with a traditional vampire makeup :vampire:
In case you donÒ€ℒt want a traditional look, following are some suggestions for beautiful sensuous vampire πŸ˜‰ :-

  • Use one shade lighter foundation, conceal blemishes, powder your face well.
  • Contour with a soft brown shade, and place a soft red blush on the corners of cheeks. Highlight the cheek bones.
  • For lips, try the same as above πŸ™‚

I know this is not at all wearable, but incase if you celebrate Halloween, then this is a very simple look to try  Thanks for bearing this long post πŸ˜€ Love you guys !
Godbless :-*


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  1. wow…….i jus read mornin dat d pale skin, smokey red eyes, red lips put together d vampire chick look is makin gud trend dis season…..wat co inci dinci………thank u Upasana for bringing dis look…….

    • Hi Sonia..its definitely a very popular fad a way its nice coz its making alot of ppl come out of their shells…wearing such red shades takes some getting used to to but once one gets used t it, it feels a bit liberating i feel.. πŸ™‚


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