Shaclear Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion Review


Shaclear Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion Whats the story like?? When a girl have troublesome acne prone skin then she can go to any length to get them cured .I think few of you will agree on this.Raise your hands if you do :rotfl:  No pun intended :-/ . I got this skin acne product with high hope thinking of Shahnaz and her herbal beauty tips but sorry to say this product was a total waste for me and mind you I am in my mid 20’s and I don’t suffer from severe acne problems anymore but still it turned out be an ineffective product πŸ™

Price of Shaclear skin clear anti pimple lotion is Rs 500 for 100ml

First I was thinking of buying the pimple lotion online and I noticed it is of Rs700 there and they are giving a discount of Rs 100 on it however the MRP of the product is Rs 500.WOW !!! Few online sites gives tempting offer on inflated price πŸ˜›

Shaclear Skin clear anti pimple lotion shahnaz husain
Shaclear Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion
  • What the product claims – A tried and tested formula for the care of pimple and acne.Containing turmeric, cucumber and neem .It helps to heal eruption and check them from spreading .Soothes and purifies the skin, restoring its health and beauty.
  • How to use – Apply only on pimples and acne at night using cotton wool.Leave on overnight.If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use.
  • Key Ingredients – Haldi extract, Cucumber seed extract, Neem extract, Rose Distillate
  • Shelf life – Product has a shelf life of three years
  • Packaging – It comes in a boring blue bottle (minues shahnaz Hussain picture)


shaclear skin clear anti pimple lotion
shaclear skin clear anti pimple lotion



When I first checked the solution it looks like light lacto calamine to me but  when I  sniffed   I felt dizzy :sarcasm: .I don’t have strong  sensitive nose but this acne solution product has the worst fragrance I have ever come across.


Shaclear skin clear anti pimple lotion shahnaz hussain
Shanaz Hussain Anti pimple lotion


My experience with the product :-

I tried it five times and then gave up because it just doesn’t work on me.I guess product has lot of alcohol in it ( if you sniff it you can figure it out easily ) and the area where I apply it dries out badly.As it is a thick lotion it generally spreads near the pimple as well so the area around the pimple feels extremely dry .Still if it would have removed acne with in two days I wouldn’t have minded the dry feeling but after using it for three continuous days my acne refused to go :reallyangry: .I then tried it again after ten days and the experience was same.:cry:

My zits get healed with in three days normally so actually the product effect was quite minimum and on top of that the yukky smell .

Shaclear skin clear didn’t help me much in clearing my skin and it is again one of the product from shanaz which bring utter dissapointment πŸ™

Do you know any other shaline or shahnaz hussain product which actually heals acne?

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  1. I also used Sha-Clear a few years back. I felt that it bets worked when left over-night.

    It definitely reduced my pimples, but did not make it go away completely πŸ™

  2. Oh, sad it didn’t work for u! Ek to it is so costly, I don’t understand, what is so special in Shahnaz products being so costly n little in quantity, n on top of that they don’t work also :/ So many are misses rather than hits.

    • Ya, n I forgot to add about packaging also. If they r so much into international market, they should think of improving packaging too! Such cheap plastic they use!

      • u know sad thing is the key ingredients..all herbal but i can smell the alcohol .high time they right “ALL” the ingredients should be mention by the companies and whole my bottle is intact…my hard earned money :((

  3. oh god cant beleive that u faint down..

    sorry to know that it did not work at all.seeing this product for the first time. I never used to like shehnaz products ever in my life.
    my sister swears that biotique myristica pack works very well for her .

  4. The more i read negative reviews of Shahnaz’s skin care product, the more i go away from it!! But the product claims : Tried and tested!! how can she lie like this πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
    I use Clearasil ultra rapid action pimple clearing cream, its cheap and reduces pimple in 4hr….now thats tried and tested!! :giggle: :giggle:

  5. I am also not into shahnaz products excpt d kajal….bt too bad dat it did not work…her products r always priced high..n den various sites say v give discounts :/

  6. I tried this product some 4-5 years ago when they aunched it…it dint wor for me either..and mannnn 500Rs for a useless product!!


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