Dry Hair Care With Shahnaz Forever Dry Hair Shampoo


Shahnaz Forever dry/Damage hair shampoo Review

Lately my hair are getting dry as I find  most  dry hair  shampoo suiting my hair.I noticed this number of times  and this time I picked up Shahnaz dry and damaged hair shampoo which is from Shahnaz forever range .This range is also called as Shahnaz affordable range by few :D:  as most of the product in this range are below 200 .Even Shahnaz forever shampoo is available in 100ml quantity which I found affordable for traveling purpose .Albeit 100ml is of  just of Rs 65 and  before you will experience how good or bad the shampoo is  it will almost be finished :D:D

Best Shahnaz forever dry hair shampoo review

What Shanaz product claims:-

Specially formulated for cleansing of dry and damaged hair, it helps to restore the oil and moisture balance of the scalp, bringing back health to the hair. Containing extracts of aloe vera and rosemary oil, it nourishes and strengthens the hair, adding body and shine.

Ingredients of Shahnaz forever shampoo dry/damaged hair

Shahnaz Beauty tips+Shahnaz forever shampoo review

  • How to use shampoo correctly –Wet hair and apply. Massage gently into the hair and work up lather. Rinse off with water.

  • Packaging – What should I say about it.Shampoo comes in a plain dull white looking bottle and  has boring shahnaz picture on it.It has a flip top packaging.

Shampoo for dry hair

It has  creamy and  runny texture

Dry hair care with shahnaz forever shampoo

What I like about Shahnaz Forever Dry Hair Shmpoo

1.It lathers well and clean oily hair too.

2. Decently priced

3.Has mild fragrance rosemary fragrance which stays on for few minutes.

4.One bottle will lasts one month easily if you the shampoo every alternate days.

5.It doesn’t dry out my hair and neither makes them look greasy for minimum for two days.

5.It is available in various sizes.

6.Does give little shine to hair and keeps the moisture balance intact otherwise there are shampoos which cleanse off the hair thoroughly but after a while when I touch my hair they seem too dry.

7.If you have curly hair then it will help in keeping them in place as it has a tendency to weight down the hair.This can be an disadvantage for those who are looking for volume in their hair.

What I didn’t like about Shahnaz dry hair  shampoo.

1.I f you think it will help in hair fall or strengthen the hair then sorry I don’t think it will help you out.

2.It has SLS which is a con but kind of unavoidable specially if we take into consideration drug store shampoos.

3.It might not suit oily hair much in summers as it has a tendency to increase the moisture level of scalp.

4.Unattractive an mundane Shahnaz Hussain packaging:(

Will I recommend shahnaz shampoo to others – If you are looking for a shampoo which lathers well, keeps the moisture level intact and doesn’t lead to hair fall then you might like this shampoo.If you have curly , straight or wavy hair it will suit you but if your hair texture is extremely thin then avoid it.Won’t recommend it to oily hair is summers.

Wise She Rating -3.5/5

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  1. i think Shahnaz madam should remove her ‘jawani ke dino wala pic’ from the pakageing and put her recent pic….i used to thing she looks the same as she used to look 30 yrs back 😛 😛

  2. If u ‘ve closely observed models/actresses on magazine covers, u’ll see that their entire skin is butter smooth and their features like eyes n lips are sharpened, highlighted 😀

    Dat’s air brushing 😛

  3. I hv seen Shahnaz aunty in her fairness cream Ad. & she looks too horrible 😯 😯 my brother used to say if some one see her in the Night he/she will defiantly faint. :sweat: :sweat:

    • Nisha..what ever it is she has given good name to Indian herbal products..so lets respect that and not make fun of her..:)


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